Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Wednesday Hike

 This is spooky. Kobae is stepping in his own tracks from a few days ago. Taking the same path around the same bushes.

Sunflowers growing all around the lodge area and some corn here and there. Years ago I use to feed the domestic sheep, Pinto, Thelma, and Louise corn. This a flood came though the pen and wiped away bags of it which still pop up here and there. Each day around 3pm I put food out for the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks to include nine glasses of bird seed at three different locations, so three each, and six glasses of sunflower seeds so that probably explains it.
As we're headed down to the beach through the creek bed Kobae comes to this little six inch crop off he doesn't want to deal with so he heads up the embankment and crashes through the trees and shrubbery for 50 feet and then drops back in the creek bed.

Kobae visits The Bottle Place.

Jax's life story. Always looking back and waiting on Kobae.

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