Sunday, January 27, 2019

A Lot of People are Going to Die

Last Tuesday some guy calls and says he's making a movie and wants to know if he can make it at Base Camp. He roughly describes the movie and I tell him maybe but no promises. I'll take him to places he described to me in his movie and see if that works if he wants to drive over. On Thursday he does.

He says it's a horror flick and he needs some cool places for people to die. We spend part of Thursday walking and driving around the property looking for places for people to die. I think we got it worked out. We come back to the lodge and he's pumped about it. We agree to terms and he says he needs the whole lodge during that time exclusively. I tell him I'll do what I can. He pays the money and we have a deal.

I start emailing guests that booked those dates already telling them I'll move them next door or up to the new hogan. I have no choice because the producer is still looking for people to die and I don't want to lose any guests. They all quickly agree. When I know more I'll update you but sometime in September or so I'll see you at the movies.

Mystery Solved, Sort Of

Jax and I are driving up to Hurrah Pass today and I see a Golden Eagle land to my left.

Time to Play

Disc Golf Course Two

I spent a chunk of Wednesday and Friday running around to town and back getting parts for the laying out weekend of the new disc golf course 18 additional holes. Took a couple tricks. I was real surprised how heavy the chains were for each basket. The crew arrived late Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday was spent putting baskets and tees in.

Finally the last basket installed was time for the celebratory picture taking. Remind you of another historic event in Utah History. That's right.

Sometime in the next few weeks and making it's tournament debut at the tournament on the 9th and 10th of March will be the second, so far unnamed course two.

Hiking with Jax

The times are somehow busy even during the off season there was so much that didn't get done during the season it's almost a full time job to get caught up before the season starts again. Jax and I are getting in a hike everyday but rarely for more than an hour. He drive me nuts when he walks out on the ledges a half inch from perish like it's no big deal. Sometimes it's a shale overhang which could break at any moment.

The Beach

I read where the snow pack this year is 107% versus average. So while that's not much it's higher than six of the last seven years because one year when the banks overflowed was so much stronger than all the other years it skewed the average. That would mean the beach will be gone in April sometime probably and stay gone until July or so though two of those four months it won't be far underwater.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Only about 40 days away from the serious beginning of the season and I've done almost none of what I wanted to do in leisure time. There's so much to do. It's only when I get to the list of things I was behind on during the season that when I go to catch up I find two more things I was behind on and didn't even recognize it. Terribly out of shape so Jax and I have started hiking again.

The big horn herd and the mule deer herd are back. I saw the big horn a couple days ago in the distance behind Last Hurrah. There's been so much rain and snow over the last two weeks they've no need to come drink out of the pond. I'm sure all the pot holes are full. It snows good and then it rains good and all the snow is gone mostly.
Since the mountain lion fight last week the nights are quiet. Six or seven gray fox per night, a family of raccoons every other night, two small striped skunks most nights, and "kitty" the smallest ringtail who is on the pole above the door almost every night. He's so funny and cute. You can give him one hot dog by stick and then he refused to take anymore unless you throw them up to him so he can catch them in his mouth. It's tough to get attached to anything out here because the life span is so short and it's so painful when they don't come back and you know something has happened to them.

This weekend begins construction of the 2nd disc golf course. Doug Smith has been working long on the layout and sending me updated maps every few days. It's much anticipated in the disc golf community and by me as well. If I just count the $5 fee per player it takes nearly 1400 players or round of golf to get the investment back. If they camp a night or two since their are two courses can half that time and if they take rooms sometimes it probably makes sense eventually. For me though, I mostly enjoy the people. Always good people.

As I was heading over to Last Hurrah a couple of disc golfers flagged me down and handed me a walkie talkie they found on the course. I looked at it and thought "That's weird, I only use these walkies for certain stuff, it must have been out there a long time." When I got to Last Hurrah I realized it was one of the walkies from the bobcat night. I turned around and went back to Base Camp but they had departed. I never got to ask them where they found it or did they see a thousand pounds of dead cow out there.

Hogan 360

Doug says his hogan will be done and ready by March 1st and he's ask me to rent it and we've come to terms. It's nice. Heater, air conditioner, wifi, two queen beds in the couches, bathroom with shower, and still coming some sort of outdoor kitchen. I don't have a price yet but I'm guessing in the $300 a night range somewhere. Will open just in time for the disc golf tournament which is the 8th and 9th of March and everything, except this and camping, is sold out already. All houses, hogans, and rooms are gone. Doug let me name it and after spending an hour or so up there just walking around the thing that got me was the 360 view so that's what I named it.

Erich's on Fire