Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Kobae's House

 Kobae hasn't gone down in his house in more than a month. Couple of folks including Erich have emailed to say his door is too small which is somewhat true. He does scrape the door sides when he goes in there. Knowing Kobae as I do I didn't think it made much difference. He never gives up. I fight him every time we go hiking to get him to turn around and the battle rages for up to an hour. I'm exhausted by the time I get him turned around and then have to fight him by walking where I don't want him to go for another mile or so. Collin went out and dug his door out and widened both the gate door and the house door. Kobae watched from the porch. Later when he finally left the porch I guided him over there and he didn't want to go down but he laid down and kept staring at it. Then he headed in, turned around, threw a bunch of dirt around for five minutes then came back out. This is about the time of years he heads into the house as it's too cold at night so we'll likely not find out if this is the answer until next April sometime.

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