Friday, July 26, 2019

Erich and Kobae

Kobae likes to get hand fed. His forks stick out so far under his neck he can eat food directly in front of him from a standing position, he can when he lays down, or eats it to his right or left side but he'd prefer to be fed. I rarely do that because the danger of only have four or three fingers depending on your reflexes.

Thursday Morning

I wanted to take the small leather container the Mohawk and Raven tribes had given me to make the jumper woman in my dreams go away to the jump site and see if I felt a difference or something happened. There was also the matter of the map the geologist showed me where they found pottery that I hadn't found because I abandoned my search that day eight or so years ago when I found the footprints that didn't return from the end of a drop to the river. Erich, Jax, Caleb, and Alex all came along. I found the pottery early in the hike and left a small portion of the Mohawk magic at the jump site. We'll see.