Monday, November 15, 2021

Just Stuff

 I like the cottonwood trees on the property. They grow wherever they want in what direction they want. Branch could head up for awhile and then go straight down

You can see how far underground the trunk was before the rains hit and gathered in the creek bed washing all the surrounding soil from around them.
There are sunflowers everywhere as compared to most years there aren't any. I feed the birds and chipmunks sunflower seeds daily and this year they've either been carried and occasionally dropped or deposited in some form and with the massive storms this year watered frequently. I've found them as far as about half a mile from the lodge but none anywhere after that.

Jax and I got a hike into The Fingers where some of the Canyonlands was filmed and it's beautiful as always. Lots of deer and big horn tracks.

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