Thursday, August 26, 2021

Little People

The Little People Family still show up each evening.


 Family is heading back to San Diego and taking Linda and Linny with them.

Linny is going to go finish a grade or two we missed the last few years. Congratulations to Linny after driving back and forth to town for ten years she got her Lerner's Permit last week.
They did an incredible job for the last six months keeping the place clean and running. It's a tough job and wears on you after awhile but they gutted it out the whole six months were we had well over 1,000 guests spread across a mile of property. Thank you both so much.

More Road Repair

 There was this.

Five people, some shovels, an axe, some sledgehammers. and one hour later and there was this. The formula is rocks, then dirt, then drive over it with side by sides, then with trucks.


 When the wind came up so fierce Tiago took his umbrella and undid it and then there was no more paddling.

The driveway by the sign took a violent beating.
After two or three hours of moving rocks it's good as new.
After another half hour of driving trucks and side by sides up and down it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Finally They're Home

 I give Kathy a call and Doug and they both take some of the kayaks and family and head to the Pot Ash boat ramp so they can kayak back the last three miles.

Heather took some damage getting swept ashore from the storm the previous day.

We get a call on the walkie they can see the boat house and they are headed for the beach. The beach isn't pretty. The previous day Linny and Tiago made a stick directed walking trail avoiding the mud to the river. After yesterday's storm it's mostly gone and the beach is all mud.

The Tiny Ships Were Tossed

 Linny and I are trying to figure out if we can make it to town and pick them up. Or if we can get them a ride back to Pot Ash boat ramp there is a few hour break in the storms. We head to the north side of the property going to Last Hurrah and that's not going to happen.

Eventually we take the Jackson Hole Road and come in through the back gate at the top. But if they can kayak here during the weather break we can't get them at the boat dock/house.

The Weather Started Getting Rough

 Linny and I headed back to the lodge to see if there had been any contact with Heather or those with her. I had told them before they got in, no matter what don't get out on my side of the river because there's no road until you get to Base Camp. We get just a short whisper of a call saying Heather and family are trapped on this side of the river but not sure where yet. I have two dryers in the back of the truck so we unload them in the kitchen as the wind and rain have really picked up and we may have to head somewhere and will need all the truck we can get.

Occasionally I get a call, then cut off, and Heather is mostly having luck talking to Beth in San Diego who relays messages to us. I get an email showing they are trapped on the other side of the river a mile or so from the Pot Ash boat ramp. I can't get. I start calling boat companies in town to see if they can go get them but it's a full blown storm now and they have all closed and gone home for the day. I'm calling everyone I can think of that has a boat to go get them. I get a message they have been rescued by some guys doing fish surveys.

The next info is they are being transferred to town and we're to meet them at one of the hotels. The rain is coming hard now but Linny and I head out in both of the F150s. Not even half way up Hurrah Pass neither of us can see out the window. The rain is hard and the wipers set for full speed can't keep up. I call Linny on the walkie and tell her to find a place to turn around. We're never be able to get across Kane Creek and might not even make it back to the lodge.
I call Heather and tell her we're not coming. Can't get out. They get to the hotel, get a room, and the hotel lets them put the kayaks in a non used conference room.

As they are getting settled into the hotel they run across Johnny who use to work here and stayed at Caveman Ranch all those years who now works at the hotel.

Three Hour Tour

Daughter Heather and family decided to kayak from town to Base Camp. Linny and I each took a F150 and loaded them up. 

Weather said "heavy rain" but it was delayed and there was some time. There was a window before weather was to hit.
Linny and I went to town in our own vehicles to do errands and as we were heading back to Base Camp by Kane Creek Linny got a phone call saying Heather was calling from the middle of the river.
As we were heading up Hurrah the wind came up a couple hours before it was suppose to and Linny got a call saying there was trouble but then the phone went dead.

Two Plus Weeks

 I have no idea it had been that long since I posted. While it's fairly show at the lodge for another five or six days, family, and storms, haven't made it feel that way. Much of these next ten or so posts will probably not be in the correct order but almost every day I'd wake up and there would be an issue of decent size proportions.

Guy pulls up the driveway and says he has a major problem. He crashed his FAA approved drone at the bottom of Chicken Corner and wants to know if I can help him get down there. I can't. Says he winched himself down but was 40 feet or so short of cable. I give him a couple boat companies to call in town and see if they can get him a ride down the river.

I've three times seen a black bobcat and three times seen a kit fox on the north side of the property. They look comfortable like they've been here for awhile.

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Escort up Hurrah

 I had the propane guy empty everything he could in to my tanks at both places to get some weight off his truck. Then he ask me if I'd escort him back up the pass.

I get on top of Hurrah waiting for the propane truck and see a bunch of people in Jeeps gathered up there. One of the guys says "Is the infamous propane truck driver we've been hearing about all day?" I say "It is." "He blocked the road for about an hour and we couldn't get down but still we're surprised he's alive. Can we get his autograph?" I ask him when he came up and he just smiled.
I ask one of the Jeepers what they were doing on Hurrah and he said "One of our friends we Jeep with died. He loved it up here. We're taking his ashes and dropping them in and blowing him out the tailpipe."

Saturday, August 7, 2021

I'm Going To Tell It Anyway

Usually the weird stuff that happens, happens here. Not somewhere else. I've told enough hard to believes that there are probably some who think it's me, not what really happened. That's fine. I'm sure my friends will stick up for me and say "He's always been like this." That way nobody thinks I'm just getting old and the mental capacity isn't what it used to be. I told Linda and Linny what happen and Linny said not to put it on the blog because there are already people that won't believe the fox story and this is too close to that. By the way as an update, I said July was a weird month when I told of the fox story but I had a guest email me and say they stayed here in June and that's when I went out on the porch and said I just saw a see through fox run out the door. So sorry, it was June not July. He said he didn't sleep that night. 

I'm in Wells Fargo in Moab ordering some checks. I walk out the back (east) door to return to the parking lot where the truck is. A lady is walking up to the Wells Fargo door and I hold the door for her. She looks up and it could have been my mom from 20 years ago before she passed. I couldn't believe it. I'm not saying it was her, it wasn't but she looked so similar I was stunned. I watched her go in the bank and then I let the door close.
I looked out toward the parking lot and started walking back to the truck. I took two or three steps and looked over and there was a man walking down the ally behind the bank. He looked, dressed, and walked familiar. He had a short sleeve shirt on, khaki pants, dress shoes, and one of those little pocket things on his light shirt that you keep your pencils and pens in. He was looking down at the ground as he was walking. He looked up and over toward me, a slight grin came to his face like we knew each other, this guy looked closer to my dad and dressed the same. Closer than even the lady looked like my mom. He dropped his head back down and kept walking straight. 

I walked out to the truck got in, caught my breath, then tried to figure out what happen. I felt like I was in some sort of bizarre Field of Dreams. Some nights when I go to bed I wonder what will happen tomorrow.


 This is how deep and wide the creek has gotten, a creek I use to jump across.

Remains of the balanced rock that tipped over a couple summers ago.
This use to be the trail from the creek bed to the tee on 18 on the new course.
A week or so ago a large plane landed across the river. Seemed like a group of ten or so got out. Tall guy all dressed in African clothes with nine or so others. Two Twisted Jeeps showed up and everybody got in the Jeeps. Several hours later the Jeeps came back and the people got back in the plane and flew off.
Doug announced the fall disc golf tournament this year yesterday. He sent me this. 

"Here is my Post on FB
Team Utah News – It’s Official I will be doing a Second Base Camp event on October 9-10. It will be a No Drivers Event again on a modified 20–22 hole layout on both Old and New courses. Playing up to 44 holes on Saturday and then a shorter version on Sunday depending on how many players we get. Registration will Open up the last week of August on Disc Golf Scene. Contact Tom if you want to stay at the lodge or lots of Camping available. If Camping it's $10 per person per day to stay at Base Camp (Camping + DG). Let me know if you have Question."

Most people will get here Friday the 8th which turns out will also be the day the Moab 240 race will come though here and we will again be the aid station for mile marker 34. That will be an interesting day.