Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tuesday, I'm Open, Mostly

Talked to various members of San Juan County today and got it figured out. It was not a directive they put out it was a suggestion. If I want to take guests, I can. However I'm to limit guest to guest contact as much as possible. So, I can rent out the main house, I can rent out the Condo, I can rent out one hogan at a time since they share the bathroom in the middle. and I can rent out a room or two at the lodge. They didn't make me do that but I want to limit exposure as much as possible also so that's what I suggested and they were fine with it. So, I've got some dimensional property chess to do figuring out how to limit contact with limited guests at one time. But I'll work on it tonight.

Guests are still ask not to visit San Juan County and risk a chance of a ticket or fine if not essential travel. All leisure travel on San Juan County roads is cancelled so when you get here you should stay here during your stay. I can't send you to the Wind Caves or Chicken Corner. I do have 145 acres and plenty to do on the property.

That's what I know.


As It's Suppose To Be

Monday, March 30, 2020

Sheriff is Back

Lot of requests yesterday and today about reservations already made and those that want to make them. I haven't yet gotten a call back from the guy that wrote the regulation that San Juan County put out. Everyone else has a different interpretation so at the moment I don't have anything to tell them.

On Sunday I was loading wood for the Condo in the side by side and saw five people and a dog walking around Caveman Ranch across the river. I called the agent, who called the Sheriff's office and they got them. The guy said he grew up there 40 years ago and wanted to show his wife and daughters. When the Sheriff called to get my statement I ask him about the shut down and he said you can take people for two days so they can rest up as they are passing through but they can't go out and do stuff. They have to stay on the property. Well this property is pretty large so that's something to consider.

Health Department gave me a different version and Economic Development gave me a third version so I'm waiting for the guy that wrote the regulation to call.

Jim Ryan was in Vegas last week and I got an email from Brendan and Amy who did the horror movie and they said they were sending some cookies back and a The Canyonlands hat for Linny and another for I. I told them Jim would eat the cookies and sell the hats but Sunday afternoon he showed up with everything. I would have apologized but he still owes me about $5,000 for hot dogs and beer. When I first moved out here he use to rent out his dirt bikes and tell people to come by and I'd make em some hot dogs in the hot dog machine and give them beer. I told him to quit sending people out here. He said he knew I was lonely. I had to explain to him that I partially moved out here to get away from the crowds. I wasn't forced. Not like the government made me move out here.

At 8:38pm Sunday night the phone rings and it's Michelle. Says she's coming back but she's lost. Thinks she's on Hurrah Pass because she has reception but it's dark and she can't see the road very well. I head up Hurrah and call Dre on the walkie to tell him I'm going to look for Michelle and Jax. As I go over the top of Hurrah I call him again to tell him I'll call him when I find her. I drive over the top and see headlights over towards the cattle guard so ten seconds after telling him I'd call when I find her, I find her.

When we wake up Monday morning I check for emails and look out the office window to see rock squirrels all over the porch relaxing, looking for left over food from the raccoon bowl. I tiptoe over to the front door and the rock squirrel world quickly finds out that the Sheriff is back. For five minutes rock squirrels run in all directions. It was bedlam. One made a mistake later and hid in the side by side.

Jax and I got a little hike in up to Doug's hogan when we heard a saw up there but nobody was there when we got there and we found a little trail through the cliffs to come back down.

Not long after we got back Michelle said she wanted to go on a hike with Jax so we headed out towards the Wind Caves and back. I only saw two sets of tracks in the road when we hiked back. The town is truly shut down.
Heading over to the big garage to get Kobae some cucumbers, though I'd taken a picture of this winged art prior I hadn't noticed that Jesus is behind the wheel.

San Juan County Update 7pm Monday

Over the weekend I had a guest cancel in reference to the San Juan County Health Department order which was news to me. I called them over the weekend and nobody answered. I called this morning and got sent to voice mail. I'm waiting.

I talked to Economic Development and they said I'm open but should only take guests that are here for essential travel. I mentioned that some people think there mental health is essential travel and she said that it's a tough one. Some people certainly believe that and essential travel is decreasing the odds of getting the virus and not much more remote than out here.

Yesterday I saw people walking around Caveman Ranch across the river and the Sheriff came out and talked to them, they said they grew up there, I ask if he knew about the health order and he said that they have been driving around all day to campsites kicking non residents out off of public land. He said they can come through for two days of rest and relaxation while they are traveling just to rest up but they can't go anywhere.

So, I'm waiting for the Health Department one way or the other after I've talked to them I'll get back to everyone that has emailed me in the last 48 hours for clarification. At the moment it seems like I'm open but suppose to only take people who are here for essential services. I told them I'm not going to interrogate people about that if they say they are I guess they are.


Just spoke with one person at the Health Department who re-confirmed I am not closed down but he couldn't speak to what is essential services, what is somebody's health and well being (mental health), and he said there are exceptions but he'll have the guy that wrote the order call me. He's not sure when that will be. They're going around today talking to all the restaurants.


The guy that wrote the notice did not call me back. My interpretation so far is I'm not suppose to take guests unless they are from San Juan County which I don't think I've ever had one. I may take guest who are essential. That's a pretty loose definition. Essential to who. They said the county is kind of leaving it up to me. I hope to get a better definition tomorrow.



Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday Morning Toast

We're vacant. Nobody here but Dre and I. Dre thinks he's passing a kidney stone so he's gone next door to rest but he has a walkie. He said he's had this issue before. He doesn't have insurance of any kind so he's reluctant to go to the hospital. I think I'll go to town tomorrow and take him to the hospital to work out a payment plan though I have no income coming in now until this is done.
Some great emails last night and today from people wanting long term rentals and confirmation of upcoming bookings. Most have some reference to Punk Ass Weenies. I told them all I'd check with the Health Department tomorrow and get a clearer understanding of the situation and then let them know.
I just called the Moab Regional Hospital and told them I think Dre is passing a kidney stone and they said to bring him right in. I said "He ask me to let you know he doesn't have any money and he doesn't have any insurance before he came in." The lady said "We're a non profit hospital. Bring him in we might be able to get him some government help or a grant or the business office can help him out. We don't turn away anybody."

I almost had a hospital trip myself a couple days ago. I'm hand feeding Kobae a cucumber and when he took a bite juice squirted up in my eye and so I reached up to clear my eye and dropped the last little bit of the cucumber. When I looked down it was all in his mouth. The couple times he's nicked me have been extremely painful.

I'm thinking back to three or four years ago on 4th of July I think it was when I got hit by whatever it was and collapsed on the kitchen floor for so many hours and the two times I drifted off Kobae came and bit me on the arm, softly. Some people said Kobae was not letting me go under and now I realize they might have been right. He could have taken off part of my arm but it was just delicate enough to wake me up before I went into a coma. Geez, Kobae, thanks.

I'm Toast

Colorado shut down and then Utah suggested a voluntarily shut down and I dropped to about 20% of what I would normally have this time of year. Then Sunday's booking emailed me on Saturday to tell me in light of San Juan County Health Department order they weren't coming. I said "What order?" I looked up the health department web site and it says to tell everybody to not come and they can get fined if they do come, or something similar. I tried to call them and though they put out an order on Saturday they didn't answer the phone. What I'm hearing is that three cases, no not beer, showed up on the Navajo Reservation. I'd heard there were about 70 cases but all in Arizona and New Mexico. Now three have showed up on this side of the nation and though close to 100 miles from me the whole county shut down. I'll try them again Monday to get clarification but I think I'm toast.

Channel is on my side of the river eating up the beach every day and there's a two plus foot drop off to the water.
I haven't seen the pigeon since I got back with Kobae a month or so ago. But I did have a small sharp-shinned hawk make a couple passes at the songbirds today. If it becomes a regular it's looking like I'll have plenty of time to do battle with it since no guests.
Some of the stories I'm getting from guests. From Oregon a lady couldn't get away because anybody that can sew was ask to stay and make masks. Policeman from by L.A. on emergency shifts and it's a madhouse. Two more people emailed to say their area was on quarantine but thanks for not being a Punk Ass Weenie. That was gaining some real traction until I got shut down today. From San Diego they're patrolling neighborhoods making sure everyone is complying with quarantine. Guy came out from the last movie yesterday and said Moad is empty. I think it's been just before the tourney since I've been there so news to me but there are a lot less side by sides coming over Hurrah Pass. I only hear a few every day. Jeep Safari would have started next Friday and it's cancelled. Guests were out kayaking in the river and when they got back I had to tell them I'm closed.
I did get two interesting spam calls. The first one said "Our records show that your warranty on your vehicle is about to expire and if I wanted to renew it better push a button to get help. So I pushed it. I was shocked to find out my 2000 Ford 150 with almost 250,000 miles on it, and not easy miles, was too late to renew the warranty. Bummer I thought it was 20 years or 250,000 miles whichever came first. The second, I have to admit I can't remember what the product was but if I tried it they could get me a free cruise. It was so tempting because my odds of getting the virus on a cruise ship are so much less than getting it in a canyon hike in the middle of nowhere with the nearest neighbor ten miles or so away.
For some period of time it appears it's just Dre and I. Not completely. The foxes were out tonight, a little skunk running up and down the porch with a hot dog in it's mouth. ringtails in the rafters and the birds sang all day with the exception of the two Sharp-shinned fly byes and tonight though 1:30 in the morning I can hear the Canada geese fighting for nesting spots on the sand bars and island. 

Friday, March 27, 2020

Kobae Goes Hiking, Not Very Far

Kobae came out around noon and mostly blocked the door. I laid down on the stairs in front of him in the nice sunshine and got an hour or so worth of sleep. Earlier in the day I'd gotten a screen shot of all the Facebook posts and comments about the whole disaster from someone I knew. Later I got another set and some of them were different or missing meaning the perpetrators had gone back and changed their post or deleted it. When that happens you know they were just making shit up. If they were such warriors of the truth then why change what you said?
The most disturbing part reading the posts, the one that started it all was somebody that I worked with and respected on the horror movie last year. It was stated that the movie crew was staying in town and eating and drinking out of the hotel's dining facility. That wasn't true. They were under the same rules as everybody else. The restaurant was closed except for takeout and room service and that's what they got, plus a bunch of them were staying with me. With that post things took off in every direction going after the restaurant, after the hotel, after anybody working with them and on and on. I was surprised that they hadn't gone after me yet. I had heard previously that in the past when the poster didn't get picked for a film in the area that they would bad mouth it. I didn't believe it but this certainly points toward that. It was posted as an informational bulletin of sorts but had done all the homework calling the health department and whoever they could to make sure that they had permits with their passing interest. Four hours later Kobae moved about ten feet down the porch.
With all the precautions this crew took and almost every day confirming that their permits were good before proceeding any further, bringing their own food, own toilet paper and paper towels, putting no strain or stress on the city, and then moving all operations out to me to make the locals happy and for them to still go after them is complete bullshit or Punk Ass Weenie-ism. This should have been the blue print for the way to get the movie business going again with as careful as they were on everything instead of the madness that the citizens fueled one after the other. There were a few people that tried to get them to calm down saying that the health department knew more than they did and to trust in them but there was very little of that. By 6pm Kobae had moved to the west end of the porch to get the last rays of sun.
Almost 50 years ago I was guarding Lt. William Calley of the My Lai massacre at the stockade at Fort Benning Georgia. He had his own quarters outside the stockade because half of the soldier prisoners hated him and half supported him. They couldn't guarantee his safety. So one of us would sit in the house with him while two more drove around the residence in a Jeep 24 hours a day. There was a special of some sort on TV one night about the My Lai massacre in Viet Nam and as Calley and I watched the TV show the voice would say something about what happen and Calley would say "Where'd they get that from?" "Who makes up this stuff." "How come nobody ask me."

That's sort of how this feels. I was sitting here reading all the Facebook posts about things that might happen, things that could go awry, and reading the imaginations going wild. Yet I was here. I was with them the whole time. They were extremely respectful and concerned about the city. They went through all the hoops and got all their permits and  everyone who had real contact with them, not Facebook imagination contact, was impressed with them and I was too and I don't impress easily. The people that did everything right got ran out of town.

I went out and laid next to Kobae again. Pulled my hat over my head to protect my face from the sun and thinking it was odd the angry mob hadn't gone after me yet. I'm the one that welcomed the movie people when the Punk Ass Weenies ran them out of town. Turns out I didn't have to wait long. On Wednesday Colorado went into lock down and I got six more cancellations from people that couldn't get here. One of the emails that came in the cancellation batch was this.

From: Elaine Gizler
Subject: Grand County, Utah Overnight Rentals
Date: March 26, 2020 at 2:56:57 PM MDT
To: tom@basecampadventurelodge.com

If you have rented your Over Night Rental from March 17th at 10 PM to a new reservation, you are in violation of the South Eastern Utah Health Department Order.  You are not permitted to book your property to a non-resident. You must contact the person who is occupying the property and ask them to vacate. Grand County is under strict order from the SEUHD not to permit any new reservations.  We are monitoring all Over Night Rental Properties for violations. Please respond to the status of your property. 



Elaine Gizler
Executive Director
Moab Area Travel Council
P.O. Box 550
Moab, Utah 84532
Facebook.com /discovermoab

So in thirteen years I've never gotten an email from anyone in Grand County government. I assume that's because I'm not in Grand County. But I got one today. The Punk Ass Weenie patrol has me in their head lights now and they're coming. As usual nobody in the Punk Ass Weenie patrol did their homework and found out I'm not in Grand County and they have no authority over me they just assumed with their all mighty power they could shut me down. Teach me a lesson. Show the little whippersnapper something.

I wanted so much to drag this out and tell her I'm not shutting down and try and make me. Just run them through the ringer with 1% of the misery they made the movie people go through before they found out I was in San Juan County. I realized I'd just be stirring things up and then I'd be a Punk Ass Weenie like them and I don't want that. Instead I emailed her and said I'm open and in San Juan County. I didn't get an email back. San Juan called me again though to make sure I'm open.

At first I thought there were just a few Punk Ass Weenies but now I'm starting to think there's a factory somewhere, probably in Moab. I may drive around and look for it if I ever go to town again.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Stuff, Not a lot, Just some

Last night I'm working on my new waiver for Base Camp. Before it just said you're going to die and it's not my problem but now I've added a section where the guests besides waiving my being responsible for anything that they also promise not to be Punk Ass Weenies while they're here, punishable by death. When I finished up and walked outside to throw some more hot dogs out to the foxes I heard a bunch of yelling up by Doug's hogan over the hill. I called him at home late in the night to make sure that nobody was suppose to be there. Then when I walked outside to head up there and investigate the noise seemed further away and continued to do so. So I suspect that some clowns, not Ronald, were rafting down the river in the dark or camped further down on a sand bar. I drove up this morning to double check and no sign of footprints.

Catering in addition to the food I bought from them the refrigerator at the Main House and Condo had a lot of food in them and this freezer just for Dre and I. Must be some critter food in there somewhere.
Got fairly warm today but a biting wind up to 35mph kept it cooler than it should have been. Kobae assumed his position as security guard but then drifted off to sleep and a white-tailed antelope squirrel stole our rope to make a home with not two feet from him.

Dre and I have been talking about doing some of the hikes but have been pretty busy. We don't have that excuse now so we headed off to Skinny People. His head is always down looking for fossils.

When we got back I ask Dre if he could do me up a metal art sign that said "No Punk Ass Weenies Allowed" and maybe a metal statue of a Punk Ass Weenie and he said "I'll have to think about it."

I'm back to doing my nightly exercise routine since I don't have Jax to hike with and Kobae is sleeping in the room next door. Whenever I do the 500 jumping jacks he slams the wall in the laundry room. Maybe the vibration is waking him up. He's not happy about it so I have to wait until he goes out on the porch in the morning to get them knocked off. Not like I haven't had to hear him snoring through the wall or cranking out the tunes with his butt.

The sun did me up right on the Anti-Cline. Not a day goes by I don't appreciate what I have.

Monday, March 23, 2020

March 23rd Stuff

Some people remember Dec 7th as Pearl Harbor day. Others 9/11. Maybe the day we went to the moon or Kennedy got shot. Me, I'm going to remember this as Punk Ass Weenie day.

The parking lot is empty except four side by side rentals waiting to be picked up. Every one left the lodge early this morning. I went around to check the rooms and mostly it's embarrassing to me. I was in such a hurry to get everything ready for them when they said they needed every bed I could get them I forgot to put shower mats in two of the rooms, and didn't put back either trash can in one. The room with the king bed, both pillows are gone. I know it had pillows because I don't take them out of the room. I just change the cases. If Kobae had been out this morning then there would at least have been a chance they fell on the floor and he ate them but he didn't, they're just gone.

Ever since I have gotten involved hosting movie people I've dreamed of being an alcoholic. You know, chicken bone sticking out of my mouth, spilled pizza on my shirt, passed out naked on the front porch while Kobae talks to me and I understand him and the ravens sit in the tree and laugh at me. I know it's not everybody's dream, but it's mine. The problem is I can't find a beer I like which makes being alcoholic more difficult. We all have our crosses to bear. I found a couple kinds of beer in the movie people's rooms I've never heard of so once they get cold tonight I'm going to take another crack at alcoholism. I'm excited.

Since Jax left the rock squirrels have taken over. They are everywhere. Kobae sits in the doorway so I can't close either door and the rock squirrels jump over him. I can hear them running around in the kitchen scratching at the hallway door where I keep the sunflower seeds.
Two guys pull up in a Jeep and say there are two kids walking down Hurrah and they told them they were going to get wet (it's raining). I tell them "thanks" I don't know why and they drive off. Two more guys show up in a different Jeep and one guy hands me a cucumber and says two years ago he came by for camping directions and I gave him a good location and he remembered I was feeding a tortoise while giving him directions so he brought Kobae a cucumber, then they leave. Two "kids", probably 20 or so show up, wet, and say they heard about the great disc golf course here. They made it up to Hurrah Pass in their vehicle but weren't sure they could make it down so they hoofed it.

I got a request that somebody was spending a couple days with me and then heading to Vegas but Vegas was closed so could they just stay here the whole time, well of course. A lady emails me and says they were going to stay in town before they came out here but now can they skip town and just come here. I tell them yes and she responds with "Thanks so much for not being a punk ass weenie."

From the emails and calls I'm getting it seems like it was just a few people stirring the pot and getting everyone fired up because I've heard from enough people that don't feel the same way. The argument is they were just protecting Moab from the virus, but they had all moved out here, it's my risk, not theirs, and they were going to block the road and keep them from going back through Moab to leave and go home when the shoot was over. They said the movie people have gone home, admitted their mistake, and to leave them alone and let them leave. Oh bullshit. They didn't admit anything. I was with them every moment and they simply didn't want things to escalate so they left. They got permits from everyone they were suppose to. Typical punk ass weenies making shit up.

The other side of the property went vacant a little while ago with the vans coming in and moving the last of the equipment out and the stake bed truck coming in to get all of the catering stuff for return. I told them they could have my freezer from the garage to take all their stuff out with and please get it back to me someday but in the end they gave me a deal on a bunch of food so I bought it and will leave it in the garage freezer.

They'd paid me a bunch of the money already and said they'd send the rest shortly and I hope they do but I feel bad for all the production people and talent that thought they were getting one more check and the people that put all the money into it that is now lost. The businesses in town that didn't bow down to punk ass weenies and rented them vehicles who will lose the rest of the week rentals and the production company that will have to think long and hard about ever coming back to Moab. When you do something right guests tell three other people. When you do something wrong they tell on average 13 people. They tell 13 other production companies how they were treated after following all the rules and no loopholes and get treated like this then 13 more production companies don't come to Moab. That's a business movie virus there's no recovering from.

Not long ago I got an email from Utah Film Commission touting all their successes of the last year. I sent them a return this morning saying I'd go hide if I was you these folks got treated like crap. I'd ban or quarantine from any new movies being filmed in Moab and send them to Kanab or someplace that would treat them better. I hope they close Moab to movies. The next call I get I'll tell them to stay completely on my property or go somewhere else or at the least not use local people for the shoot. The local Moab movie person was as helpful as the Bubonic plague. She backed them until last Thursday and then put out a statement of some sort saying she told them not to come but they said they were coming anyway. That didn't happen.

Well it's just Dre and I for the next week but with months of food. I didn't take any bookings this week because I was full, that's over. Dre is over welding and working on his art and taking the day off. I'm going to clean and organize and get things ready just in case some other punk ass weenie has to rain on somebody else's parade/shoot just to feel special. Then I'll be ready to bail the victims out. I can be the disinfectant of punk ass weenie-ism, the deflector, the white knight of punk ass weenie-ism, the anti punk ass weenie-ism. I look forward to my new role.

Have a happy punk ass weenie-ism day. I'll be on watch and take the first shift.

Tourism Terrorism or Punk Ass Weenie-ism

Back in the 80s somewhere I owned a large hotel in San Diego and was building my first few indoor soccer facilities. The local pro team, San Diego Sockers, ask me to pick a guy up at the L.A. Airport who was coming in to play for the team from Libya. It was right about the time of the Lockerbie bombing and airports were nervous. I went to LAX and went to the gate. When he got off the plane they ask him why he was coming to the United States and after opening his Arabic to English translation book he said "I am a terrorist and I'm here for terrorism." He meant to say tourist and tourism but the accent and the recent bombing changed the meaning. That was a challenge of major proportions getting him out of customs.

Well it turns out there is actually such a thing as Tourism Terrorism and a few of the fine citizens of Moab are leading the charge. When the movie people's hotel got the death threat the film crew moved out and I told them I would take all of them. I didn't have enough room for all of them but I'd figure it out. The way they were being treated was not right. They called and said take as many of us as you can and I did. They got approval from the health department, from SITLA, from BLM, and they damn sure got it from me. So that's approval from everyone who's property they will be on.

So you'd think that would be the end of it for the Moab Film Mafia since they got them out of their town. But it wasn't. Apparently when they were getting all the approvals they missed the box for approval called Punk Ass Weenies. The side by side company sent them an email saying they wanted all their side by sides returned leaving them gasping for transportation at the last minute. Then after they all got out here the BLM got a threat that locals were going to block the road and not let them pass through town on their way back after the shoot was over.  It wasn't all of Moab just some punk ass weenies jealous or needing to show how important they are.
Other business owners were emailing me and coming to visit saying what a travesty this was and what kind of person would stir stuff up like this with threats of violence, or getting others to make them. Apparently this is all happening on Facebook somewhere. I've never been on Facebook nor do I intend to, so I'm getting it all second hand from cast and crew that are reading it to me. Heather posts all the stuff that shows up on Facebook regarding the lodge. So if my description of events is not 100% accurate it doesn't mean they aren't still punk ass weenies. They are. Then a friend called to say if the road block shows up to let him know and he'll get his heaviest vehicle and blow through the road block. Things are spiraling out of control.

Vehicles are ready, we've got the locations all sorted out, camera equipment and batteries are in the small garage, chefs have food all set up next door, all the cast and crew members have showed up and we're ready to begin shooting locations in the morning. Then a meeting is called. I don't go. Kobae finally came out and we're hanging on the porch. Cast and crew start coming back from the meeting and the locations manager calls me on the walkie and wants to talk. She shows up and we sit down where it's quiet.

The cast and crew are all voluntarily working the production and many thousands of dollars have gone into it. Moab businesses, that aren't bowing down to punk ass weenies are making some money finally. I'm taking the biggest risk health wise and reputation wise of anybody and I'm good with it. I know it's pissing some people in Moab off but me against the world is something I'm use to and comfortable with.

She says "It's off. Somebody is going to get hurt." We're caving into evil. Into punk ass weenie-ism. I hate to see bad people win. A lot of cast and crew packed and left tonight. The rest tomorrow. It's a shame. I'd have sworn I was in the United States of America. My mistake.All hail punk ass weenie-ism.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

I'm Embarrassed, Plus Random Pictures

Things have simmered down a little bookings and cancellations. I get about one of each per day, just breaking even. I'm about half full for the next few months but normally I'm completely full. Half full pays the bills but doesn't leave me much to do improvements with.
Last week Moab restricted any new comers to town and closed hotels, motels, restaurants, and the like to anybody but Moabites. On Saturday they kicked out the ones that were already here. There is some filming going on and part of the crew was staying in Moab. Though they had permission to stay in town past the eviction of everyone else their hotel got death threats for them being there then threats of pickets. All sorts of intimidation going on in town. I'm so embarrassed to say I live in Moab. I don't think I'll ever say that again. I don't want to be associated with that behavior.
A friend sent me pictures of what is normally a very busy Moab. This was Saturday evening.
I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in Moab over the years and have gotten exactly two referrals from people in Moab. Mad Bro sent somebody out here once who stayed and so did Jim Ryan. That's it. It's an extra two hours of driving to go to Monticello to get gas, wood, water, and groceries but I'm thinking it's worth it to not support people like this.

Linda sent me this picture of Vons meat department in San Diego. It's crazy.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Just some Stuff, then some more

On Monday most everyone had pulled out after the disc golf tournament. It was quiet. Monday night the sky lit up.

On Tuesday the email light started blasting away with cancellations. Somewhere in there Moab made an announcement that they were mostly closing the hotels, restaurants, and any places of public gathering. Guests that had booked took that to mean me, except I'm not in Moab. Then the National Parks made a bunch of restrictions. I didn't get many cancellations on that because usually when I find out people want to go to the parks while  here I tell them to stay in town. I started emailing the cancellations telling them it doesn't affect me, I'm not in Moab.

Then Elizabeth and Eric showed up doing the Hayduke. Nice couple. Told them there were three in front of them. They watered up, got some clarifying directions and headed off.

By the time I had walked back into the office I had five more cancellations. I started emailing them back because they all said because of the incident in Moab. What incident in Moab? Grand and San Juan Counties are huge counties with small populations. Together they are bigger than three states and there's not a single case of the virus in either county so far. Turns out Southeast Utah Health Department put out an order telling various businesses in Grand, Carbon, and Emery counties to close or take severe restrictions. Except, I'm not in any of those three counties. I emailed all the cancellations and a few re-booked.

I went into Moab on Wednesday to get groceries and do errands and if you hadn't checked into a room in town by 10pm you were out of luck. They can't take reservations anymore. Restaurants were all closed except some take out and McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy's drive thru were open, with pretty long lines. Was pretty cool walking into Village Market. The produce lady said they were sorry they didn't have much romaine for Kobae but they had some and the meat department told me they couldn't get cases of hot dogs for the critters for an unknown amount of time but they had some individual packs. So I got what I could. The paper aisle, toilet paper, paper towels, stuff like that was empty. None to be had. Food was mostly fine so I got what I needed, nothing more and headed back after a brief stop at Walker to get some hardware stuff and trash bags. I had to stand four feet behind the person in front of me and they wiped the counter and credit card machine down before I could step forward, except I only pay with cash, so I don't know what they do about that.

On the way into town seven more cancellations and then things turned on the way back. Six bookings. As soon as something would go vacant on the airbnb calendar somebody would book it. The mindset had changed. People wanted to get away from the madness and this is probably about as safe a place as any. Just before I would have lost reception on the way back San Juan County called me and I thought "This is the shutdown." The guy said "Hey, just wanted to make sure you're staying open." I said "I am." He said basically San Juan is a huge county, sparsely populated, and with the few rentals it does have they are mostly all out in the sticks like me so it's unlikely there's a much safer place for those that want to get away than the locations in San Juan and I think there is logic to that. Apparently other people are figuring that out because after the initial tidal wave of cancellations if's about one for one. Get a cancellation and somebody books to get away from crazy. What a roller coaster.

On Thursday Erick and Cassie came through doing the Hayduke saying they'd been following two sets of footprints. We spent a little time together and cleared up some stuff on the Lockhart portion of the route and they were off. I came inside and no cancellations or bookings. I started emailing everyone who is booked for the next month to let them know I'm not a participant in the stuff that has been released by Moab and SE Utah Health Department and things seem to have settled down. I kind of wish I was out hiking with Erick and Cassie and getting to avoid the crazy.