Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Bunch of Stuff

 Jeep Safari is over but the trails are still pretty full. I got word they were grading Hurrah Pass again, third time already this year, so Jax and I went up to see what work we might still have to do. Turns out not much. He was still up there for a second day and as I type this they are up there again.

I called the Septic guy to let him know the road will never be any better and he came right out.

Climbed up Jackson Ladder with some folks to show them the Conquistador petroglyph and it's so fine no matter how many pictures you take it's hard to get a good one.

Coming back from town the other day saw a Hayduker headed this way and told hi he's welcome to drinking water should he decide. About 15 side by sides went by and left trail dusk al over him. He showed up a couple hours later, Mr. Clean trail name. He was seasoned. When I ask him what trails he'd done he named more trails just in the Grand Canyon than I knew existed. 

Went out to Jackson Hole to look for more dinosaur footprints and maybe there is something on this rock that had fallen but not sure and that's all I found.

Beach is gone and water touching bottom of the boat dock. About as high as it got all last year.
Pulled one of the gates we weren't using across a road we didn't want anybody to use but apparently that didn't mean anything to them. A gate I doubt we'll ever get to use again.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Creek Bed

 At the water crossing go all the way to the right coming out here. Further then this guy.

Chicken Corner

Teresa and some guests mentioned they'd never been to Chicken Corner so Jax and I loaded up and took everybody out. First we stopped by to visit s petroglyph site on the way. 

Then it was on to False Chicken Corner. Most all the professional maps are wrong but we have a hand drawn one that is right.

Strangely my pics from Chicken Corner didn't show up.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Even More Vendor Show


More Vendor Show


Jeep Week: Vendor Show

Teresa, Jax, and I attended the Vendor Show where Jax was a monster dog compared to most others. 

Companies of all kinds supporting off road.