Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday: From the Canyonlands Overlook

In the first picture, highest widest part of the river, Base Camp is just to the right (behind a hill), and the Wind Caves the lower widest part of the river, just to the right and above. The second picture has Pyramid Butte across the river and to the right splitting the Pot Ash Ponds. The third picture has Dead Horse Point straight and highest middle. The fourth picture is the back side of Chicken Corner after you've walked around and the Shafer Trail on the far side. The fifth picture is Lathrop Canyon middle center, with the White Rim Trail above it and Island in the Sky above that.

Friday: From the Dave Minor Overlook

Tom next visits the Dave Minor Overlook on the west side of the Anti Cline and the first picture shows the river winding out toward False Chicken Corner and Thelma and Louise Point, the second picture is a close up. The third picture is looking into the canyon where the Dripping Springs abandoned uranium mines are. Fourth, the rock formation looking like it's up against the river is the Wind Caves. The fifth (fuzzy) picture is apparently Tom drinking and by coincidence it's called Wine Glass Arch.

Friday: From Hatch Point

The first picture is looking across Kane Creek Canyon (with a K) to the Kane Creek Canyon Overlook (with a K) to where Tom was yesterday. The second and third pictures are from the visitors center at Hatch Point called Cane Creek Anti Cline (with a C?). Tom will be starting a petition to not allow sign painters to drink alcohol while painting. The 4th picture is looking along side the Anti Cline with Island in the Sky above it in the distance. The 5th picture is a wide view of Dead Horse Point, upper left corner, Pot Ash Ponds (self explanatory), Base Camp on the Colorado River (sure that's not with a K) and The Saddle, kind of hard to make out just above lighter colored ponds on right.

Friday: Hurrah Pass, Pot Ash Plant, Pot Ash Ponds, Base Camp

The road traveling up and then down Hurrah Pass. The Pot Ash Plant and Pot Ash Ponds, and finishes with Base Camp. All from Hatch Point on the east end of the Anti Cline.

Friday: Cave House, Hatch Point, and Kane Creek Canyon

Friday: Arches, Caves and Overlooks

Tom begins the day by visiting Looking Glass Arch. Then a settlement of cave houses known as Rockland Ranch and finally something (unknown to Tom what) as a Geological Survey.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday: The Day Ends

Friday is Bill's last working day at Base Camp before he, Kay, and Yeti head home to pack for their move to Hawaii. Kobae seems to know his time of chasing Yeti around Base Camp is limited. He spends a good chunk of the evening doing so.

Thursday: Tough Day

Tom returns to the lodge to get the news his last rat hunting friend, and original hiking partner of Kobae, passed today. Bishop was 17 years old. Chewey passed earlier this year. Tom never had two better friends. I'm sorry I wasn't there my friend.

Thursday: Kane Creek Canyon Overlook

The road heading up to Hurrah Pass is seen to the left and then turning right just below Hatch Point on the Anti Cline and towards Hurrah. In the second picture continuing up to the top of Hurrah and in the third picture a close up of the road cresting at Hurrah Pass and down to Base Camp.

Thursday: Balcony Arch, Behind the Rocks, Kane Creek Canyon

Tom visits Balcony Arch, followed by the area known as Behind the Rocks, and then looking down into Kane Creek Canyon.

Thursday: Picture Frame Arch

Tom, first visits Picture Frame Arch.

Wednesday: A Night On Hurrah Pass

Evening arrives and Tom expects to see Bill coming over the pass from his Cataract Canyon journey. All will catch a ride back to Base Camp.The boat to Cataract has broken. Bill is not coming. Tom doesn't know. Darkness descends and Kobae picks the middle of the trail to bed down. Yeti, ten feet up from Kobae. Tom, using his gloves as a pillow lays next to Yeti. Kobae walks up and lays next to Tom and under a two thirds clouded moon, an abundance of shooting stars, the trio sleep. As morning approaches, Tom moves Kobae to the side of the trail and with Yeti hikes back to the lodge to get the Jeep and retrieve their friend.