Thursday, November 11, 2021

We Had a Little Bit of an Issue

Couple nights ago a truck went off the side of the hill behind the Main House. I was surprised it didn't roll all the way down but somehow it didn't. I called Chris at Nations Towing and he said he was on his way. 

Then I realized that after the last storm the road by the gate in front of Hull's place while ok for most vehicles wasn't going to be wide enough for twin tires on the back of the wrecker. Nate, Collin, and I headed over there. The hole on the left side was three or four deep and extremely wide. We're not going to be able to fill that in before Chris gets here. We looked at the fence and gate on the other side and Collin said he could take a torch and cut the fence and we'd take the gate off.

That still left another eight foot long piece of gate going out to the road. Collin and Nate dug a deep hole trying to get the concrete footing loose but they couldn't find the bottom of it. I decided to take the F-250, beater, Constant Impact and give it a job it was made for. I'll just ram the gate over and over until I win. Eventually when it falls over I'll drive over it, hook up tow straps on the other side and pull it out of the way. It took six pretty good charges from the F-250 with the deer guard on the front but it came down and I drove over it.
Turns out was a pretty good thing I just ran over it because the chunk of concrete was very formidable.
That made the road pretty wide and Chris was able to get through quite easily as would have a semi truck probably.

Chris pulled the truck back up the hill and all is well at Base Camp.

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