Monday, January 17, 2022

Some Stuff

 I finally got my contacts transferred to my smart phone with no reception out here from my flip dumb phone that worked at the lodge and many accident scenes. I also can take a picture of my screen for a document and email it to people. I expect to be getting a call, I can usually figure out how to answer my smart phone in time, from one of them IT companies soon asking me to come work for them, but I can't. However Linda sent me what might be the perfect example of what I've been looking for. It will probably get 100% reception everywhere and allow me to call all over the world.

Guests staying next door are taking their cat disc golfing with them.

Jax found a stick on the beach.
We had some of the material left over that I put in the cisterns to keep little people from drowning. Nate cut some up and put it in his window as did I in mine to keep the cold air out and it was really effective.
All my office chairs haven't lasted very long and have been uncomfortable but I got me a good one this time. Instead of falling asleep head on my desk I can now put my feet up, lean back in my chair and get some good naps here and there.

Jax, always sleeps on my desk, you know, just in case I try and head out the door to go hiking and forget to take him with me. He slightly snores and breathes deeply. Sometimes his legs run while he's sleeping, like he's herding cows. He appears comfortable but I'm not so sure. 

Prommel Again

 Jax and I left Prommel and started down into Jackson Hole and then cut across at the Grand County and San Juan County line to the marker above the river.

There is almost always at least one trailer, motor home, or air stream across the river up on Pot Ash Point nearly year round.

It's quiet. Out in Jackson Hole normally we can hike the whole day without hearing the sound of a vehicle this time of year.

It's been cold all day and the wind is blowing pretty strong but now the clouds have taken the sun from us and temps are dropping quickly. Time for us to head back to the vehicle by Prommel.

One of the survey markers have been dislodged so I put that back and we arrive back at Prommel and the capped abandoned oil well last visited in 1960 and then 30 years before that.

Prommel Well #1

 Back around 1927, 28, and 29 an oil well was drilled on a mesa looking down into Jackson Hole.  They tried it again in 58, 59, and 60. Not far from there are two more areas that were graded to drill but never did. There were a smattering of buildings and a lightning shelter.

They ran two phone lines with poles on top of tall rocks. The wood stakes were carved out so you could wrap wire around it and put a glass insulator on them. One line went to the river where the Pot Ash workers were brought out and taken across to work on the Pot Ash plant during it's construction and the other line went along the side of Jackson Butte and up on to the Amasa Back and up next to Jackson Ladder. Jax and I are hiking around that area on this day.

Dripping Springs

 Jax and I have been on a re-discovery tour. So busy for the last three years we hardly visited the places we use to know well. Now with some time to ourselves we're revisiting the places we haven't been to in so long. A. To see if things still are as they were. B. To see if there's something new or that we many have missed over the years. C. To help out the cowboys and see if we can find any cows they might have left behind.

We come across these occasionally. A five by five foot area fenced off for an unknown reason. Maybe ten years ago, four young people showed up at the lodge and said they were with the Department of something or Bureau of another and their job was they get assigned 100 by 100 foot parcels of ground and they go check on them. Somebody has been keeping track of them for years. I don't know why. They show me coordinates and I look it up and half of it is on top of the Amasa Back and the other half at the bottom of the Amasa Back so you have to climb Jackson/Jacobs Ladder to check out 50 feet of it and back down for the other 50. Maybe this is a mini version of that.
I never really noticed these dried water spots on my camera lens until now but these are pretty cool. Maybe I'll clean it.

Nate is with us on this day but he wandered off to go climb something and said he'd meet us at the truck so we're still out cow looking.

Dripping Springs is back behind the Wind Caves and we find an area in one of the little side canyons don't look too much different than the Wind Caves.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Truck # 4

 When the white truck went down last summer things were a mess. Couldn't take out trash, empty water, and empty propane bottles. Couldn't bring back drinking water, full propane bottles, and wood. I kept looking at trucks at Canyonlands Auto and while I'd take them out for a test ride and have Chris look at them they'd be sold by the time I got back with the. So I bought two the next time I went to town. What I had forgot about was Chris told me he had an extra truck he'd sell me, I bought it sight unseen, but it was missing a few things which he ordered. I forgot about it, bought the other two trucks, and then while I was in Nations last week checking on the Jeep he said the truck was ready. I'd seen a beater sitting out in the lot for a long time and figured that was it but I was wrong. I'd got some wear on it but I like it. He took the runners off for me before Hurrah did but now you sort of got to get a little run at it to get inside but it drives great. All the gears are off by one. Park is reverse, reverse is neutral, and so forth. There is not drive but you can do 50 something in 2nd and it doesn't wind about it. Captain chairs. Radio works but it's touchy.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Riddle Me This Batman?


Where the Rocks are Weird

 Nate, Jax, and I hiked over to where the rocks are weird.

The Next Day

 Jax and I got back at dark the night before hiking back from town. The temperature had dropped ten degrees, hands were frozen, breath was visible, and was a bit cold. My knee had displaced itself coming down the ladder and really slowed down our return as I dragged it most of the last six miles though it felt a lot better in the morning. I could have called on the walkie and Nate or Collin would have come got us but.....I'm a guy. Nate and I got in the truck and headed back to find my camera for the pictures. Nate got to the top of Jackson Ladder way before I did. Voiced he'd found that camera and we headed back down.

On the way back to the lodge we stopped for a vantage point of the Pot Ash plant.