Monday, November 8, 2021


 Last year the repair bills on the two six seater Polaris that the guests use was terrible. Over $20,000. I had several guests complain when they were both in the shop at the same time and they didn't have anything to rent to ride to Wind Caves and Chicken Corner. I decided no matter what I was going to do maintenance on them every morning before they went out and though I haven't added it up yet and despite each machine being a year older it was probably under $10,000 this year despite having to replace tires and stuff that never makes it more than a year out here. Just so I wouldn't have to deal with that problem again I ordered a new Polaris, a 2021. Then I heard production lines were forever behind and kind of forgot about it. Plus Collin showed up who is a mechanic so most anything that goes down and we can get a part is back the same day. Some things take two days cause we have wing it. 

On Thursday I was looking at the numbers and even though I've passed last year in revenue it's looking like it might be a little lean the next three or four months so figured I wouldn't make anymore large purchases this year. Right after I decided that I got an email saying the 2022 Polaris Ranger was in and they'd deliver Saturday to Moab and they need a check for almost $20,000. 

I took the truck in to get worked on so it would have heat to take Kobae back to San Diego as he's down to his last week here and picked up the new Polaris. What a dream. I'm going to keep it in the garage next door and never ride it, or maybe just me and Jax. 

Guests came back on one of the other Polaris right after I returned and as I was unloading they said "There's some people out there on the way to Chicken Corner with a flat in their Cadillac Eldorado." 

 I didn't go. There has to be limits. 

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