Thursday, May 31, 2012

Still the Call

Though it's been closing in on a month since Who's Up, Tom's favorite Side-blotched lizard and supreme fly catcher has been seen Who's Up's boy friend, What's His Name, continues on. You can tell this Side-blotched is a guy. In addition to doing push ups to intimidate potential challengers, they show off after having captured a meal. If Tom goes to the rodeo tonight, maybe he'll do push ups after every hot dog.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Girls Kissing Toads, Don't Ask


The Junco's scratch for food one foot at a time. The White-Crowned Sparrows use both feet at the same time so it's easy to recognize them as they appear to be jumping rope. This odd looking fellow is called a Chukar and he searches for seed with both his feet and beak. 

Lazy Fly Hunting Day

Said It Before, Say It Again

This is Karen and Jerry. They are hiking the American Discovery Trail which begins in Delaware and goes to San Francisco. A very long commitment by the most dedicated people you will ever meet with the biggest hearts you will ever find. In life folks such as these are rare. You couldn't do better than to spend time with the spirits of the souls of those that never quit and whose hearts are too big to fit in their chests. These are the wanderers of the American Discovery and Hayduke trails. The pleasure was mine.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Talkin to the Lizards

Last year Tom put a hole in the office screen to run an extension cord out to Kobae's house to provide heat. He duct taped it when heat was no longer needed but then one of Who's Up babies got stuck to it and it took 45 minutes of warm water to get it free so since then he's left it open. On this morning Tom fed the White Tailed Antelope squirrels, the Rock squirrels, and the Brown Headed Cowbirds but clearly he forgot to take the fly swatter and feed the Side-blotched lizards. This is just a reminder.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shadow People

The primary shadow is during the eclipse. The faint shadows above the Jersey Girls and Tom is the reflection of the sun off the Colorado River.


"What's His Name?" and Tom watch the eclipse from the front porch.

Where's Who's Up?

Who's Up has not been seen for about a week. She has in the past disappeared for a few days when there were lots of guests with dogs staying at the lodge as there has been. In her place a female side blotched has been hanging out where Who's Up hung out. She had taken right to eating off the fly swatter and coming to the call. Red eye brows, a distinctive mark on the front right leg and a damaged tail.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Birds

Brewer's Blackbird with a bluish sheen to his head. Bullock's Oriole high in the tree. The smartest bird there is, the Raven. A House Finch with the red hair. The White Tailed Antelope squirrels have eventually driven off the Juncos and the White Crowned sparrows from the feeding areas over the last few months. The Brown Headed Cowbirds have so far been able to resist the charge of the White Tailed Antelope squirrels by keeping tight together while feeding. (You can make each picture larger by clicking on it.)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Return of Quiet

As Sunday morning comes the sky is alive with the gathering at Caveman Ranch. With afternoon there are a few planes left and with evening the area around Base Camp becomes what it is most every day. Quiet.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saturday In the Sky

All day planes land and take off from Caveman Ranch. Sometimes, they get a little goofy in between. Well after Tom thought the day was over a plane came over. Across the river people were scrambling for their vehicles and they put enough vehicle lights on the runway that the pilot was able to land. When he taxied into the parking area Tom could hear the roar of approval of the other pilots from clear across the river.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Little Crazy at the Boat Ramp

Friday Evening

Bugs and Who's Up are finishing their meal while the Wood House toad seeks shelter. Kobae retires to his home as the last plane lands and darkness finds it's way into the canyon lands.

Land, Sea, and Air

Kobae and Bugs

Friday, May 4, 2012

Day on the Porch

Tom heads up the hill to get a better view of the aerial goings on across the river when he sees a fresh snake track in the sand. It looks very much like a Midget Faded rattlesnake track. With that in mind Tom decides to spend the day on the porch to see if the snake came to the lodge. If it's a rattle snake and it's near the lodge, at some point today it will rattle, Tom will hear it, and catch it. Lawn chair, shade, drink, porch, with Kobae and Who's Up, bring on the air show.

Still Coming

Friday morning is filled with additional arrivals at Caveman Ranch.

Whip-tail Lizard

While the porch is controlled by the Side-blotched lizards, just below the porch is the domain of the Whip-tail lizards who dig for crickets and similar morsels.

Watching and Waiting

Tom wakes up Friday morning, looks out the window, and as each day, sees the White Tailed Antelope squirrels at the top of each bush. Watching for the Sharp-shinned hawk or any other danger and waiting for Tom to open the front door for the soon to be breakfast delivery.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's Fight

Breakfast at Tiffany's That's My Table

Breakfast at Tiffany's Getting the Seating Sorted Out

We'll be spending this morning dining with the White Tailed Antelope Squirrels that hang out in the front yard. Normally mild mannered social creatures who work well together taking care of each other and sounding the alarm especially when the Sharp-shinned hawk is about. When you get too many White Tails together, not always that mild mannered. It's not personal.

As The Lizard World Turns

Each year four, and only four, Side-blotched lizards hang out on the front porch. Most years it's a male and three females. This year, so far, it's three males and Who's Up. Apparently large is an attraction for male lizards this year as the fight over Who's Up has been violent. While initially Tom didn't think much of Who's Ups male friend, watching him in battles off and on all day with other Who's Up suitors, he's got heart. Tom's gonna have to get a real job.

By Sea

By Air

Usually first week of May somewhere, Caveman Ranch, across the river, will do a sort of air event. Pilots try to move an egg on the runway without breaking it for example. No idea what they're doing here.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Who's Up

With the severe fly shortage the lodge is experiencing the competition for flies on the front porch is extreme. Who's Up, math wizard that she is, waits on the wall by the front door all day for first shot at any flies Tom might wack with the swatter. At night, she sleeps behind the disc golf map holder six inches from the front door. You know the saying, early bird lizard gets the worm fly. When flies are slim pickens, Who's Up has all the angles covered. Picture of Slim Pickens.    :>)