Monday, November 8, 2021

Kobae's Mostly Good Day

Kobae finally figured out how to hump the front stairs and he was there for a long time. 

Then, either because Collin widened the gate and the door, or because he felt like a man again, Kobae walked across the driveway and down into his hole where he slept on nearly the coldest night of the year so far. When morning came and he came out his shell was warm. He was down there quite a ways in the tunnel and he covered himself in dirt.

After he got warmed up and headed over to the porch a couple dogs came by and in his hurry to chase them he stepped on the ground edge of the bird bath and drained all the water onto himself, was completely soaked. I refilled it.

After drying off he went in the kitchen and tried to pull the knobs off the drawers, or eat them, not sure, as he usually does. When he pulled on the bottom drawer it came out easily and wacked him in the face.

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