Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Dripping Springs

Figured the cowboys would be out to round up the Jackson Hole cattle anyday now so thought Jax and I would hike Dripping Sprngs to save them some time and see if there's any cattle out there. We're going hiking somewhere so might as well be there.
How you make fence posts when the ground is too rocky for a post hole digger to do any good.
Over a week now and Jax and I have still seen just one vehicle before the storms hit.
Dripping Springs is a wonderful place to hike, about a mile past the Wind Caves into the canyon with all kinds of varying terrain.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Hike to Jackson Hole

Got up to aboutt 40 today and can't miss hiking on a day like this. Before the snow a Jeep came by to use the bathroom and said they were going to Jackson Hole. I ask them to let me know if they saw any cows out there so I could pass it on to the cowboys who have pushed the herd down Lockhart Basin. They came back and said they saw two brown cows. Since Jax and I were hiking today anyway might as well head down to the pipeline and see if there's anymore before I call them and they come out to get the two and then I find more later. Tje road has really deteriorated so we drove the truck as far as we could without possibly getting stuck. Jax and I are the only two here and if we get stranded way out there we've no one to walkie to come get us. Was too cold to take a side by side. Almost immediately we found three black calves.
Heading down into Jackson Hole the wind immediately picked up and was driving into our faces. I kept thinking how nice it would be on the way back.
Jax is such a good guy. He doesn't ask if he could. But today he knows we're looking for cattle and he's pick up the scent every half mile or so. I feel bad he has to wait for me all the time.
Sun was going behind the clouds and of course the wind changed direction to be in our faces again on the way back and I was drinking canteens qucker than I ex[pected. Time to go back. we never found anymore cattle but Jax kept telling me they were out there.

Hiking and Stuff

Jax and I have been out hiking everyday since the bulk of the snow melted. From the day before the storm hit we've seen exactly one vehicle out here and that's it. Most of the year the plastic bowls that we've put out in Kobae's pen for the foxed have disappeared a couple times a week. In the past it has always been cattle dogs when the cowboys were camping a few miles from here with the heard but they've hardly done that this year. A few weeks ago I looked out the office window and saw two ravens taking turns dragging it down to the bottom of the driveway. I had no idea.
In the nights a few foxes show up and an occasional ringtial and skunk. The hybrid fox shows up every night. He sits on Kobae's house and waits for me to throw the hot dogs. I throw the first ones out and the hybrid jumps down to get them and Jax chases him up the hill. The hybrid goes over the hill and Jax turns around and walks back down to the porch all triumphant with the hybrid walking right behind him and he never notices.
The days are low 30s with a wind so probably a little below 30 and 15 to 20 in the nights. I'm surprised there's no ice in the river. Nothing going on across the river.

Friday, January 20, 2023

Wednesday Morning Wake Up

Here's what it looked like from the top of Hurrah Pass.
By thursday most of it had melted except some north facing slopes but when Jax and I woke up Friday morning we had received some more to replace it.