Monday, October 3, 2022

And now, the rest of the story

Lydia is gone for a few days and so we hird a new lady to work him for a day or so. But got a big rain and she stayed the night. This morning she had a flat, they fixed it, and Linny followed her to town to make sure she made it. Kane Creek had a lot of water in it but they got across ok. Linny had a feeling so sent her on and headed back. I had called her and left a message saying over by Deadhorse Point the sky was dark black and something wicked was going our way. Come home. It did. Hail, hard rain and lots of it. Teresa was next door I called her on the walkie and said I don't care what you're doing come home now before you can't. Linny called to say she was coming over Hurrah and was booking to get down to the driveway before it flooded and somebody was following her.
She called on the walkie to say she was almost to the sign but it was blinding rain and couldn't see much. Guests were starting to gather around and listen to her walkie calls. Then there was a scream "I crashed the truck I'm running to the people that were following me." A few moments later she said "I have a ride to the lodge." Then she called back and said the water was too deep for them and they wouldn't do it. She told them to let her drive she could make it and they said they weren't going any further. Linny called and said she wss going to hike back in the blinding rain. I told her to stay by the sign I'd come get her. I jumped into the white truck who I would drive through almost anything and took off. When I got to the bottom of the driveway it was worst I'd ever seen it. If I drove into that I'd be flipped over and on my way to the river. Then the front tired dropped off the ledge as the ledge got swept away. I backed up the hill ten feet and watched as the creek got wider. I called her and told her I couldn't get to her.
I told her the only chance was to get to Doug's hogan over the hill from the lodge and she said she knew that and was headed that way. The other people had turned around and driven off and Linny was truly on her own. She started down driveway from the sign to find a place to cross but the flood got her and carried her down the creek towards the gate. She was underwater getting swept away. She fought her way over to the other side and then climbed up the slippery slope where the dinosaur tracks are. She got to the top and just laid down to get her bearings. I called her and said Teresa and I were heading towards Doug's hogan and could she get there. She said she would. She still had to cross what was now a river by hole #9 back in the dead end canyon and the flood got her again knocking her down and she caught a rock before getting swept over the drop off now a waterfall, climbed over the fence and headed toward the hogan. Her walkie no longer walked full of water.
I saw Linny just make it to the hogan before we got there. Teresa got there before me and Linny fell into her arms. When I got to her she said "I almost died." But she didn't and others might have. We walked down the hill to the lodge and all the guests were gathered out front having heard it all on the walkie. Linny was in shock how the day had turned so quickly. Everyone wanted to help and in one way or another did. She was struggling for a little while but I've been in her room talking to her as did a couple other guests and she's mostly back but it takes awhile to come back from that. Everyone has gone to sleep because there will be lots of shoveling in the morning and I don't yet no the full extent of the damage but it's not pretty. You're unbelievable best friend.

Here's the Story

I lost my camera a week or two ago driving back and forth to town every day dropping off and driving wounded vehicles and returning with fixed ones, usually. It's somewhere in a vehicle but haven't found it yet. So got a new camera but can't figure out how to load it on my computer. So, because we've had a crazy two weeks and before we forget it all, which we are every day because something crazier happens the next day, I'm going to tell briefly what happen and then put a random picture in so it doesn't run the paragraph's together like Blogger does if you don't have a picture breaking up the paragraphs until I find the former camera or figure out the new one and put more pictures reflecting the story better.
Linny did four rescues, or mini rescues of sorts in four days. She did a big one today. It was herself. I took and injured motorcycle rider out with his bike in the back of the white truck and on the way saw another guy crash right in front of us and when we went to help him he crashed again, and then I noticed he had one leg and one artificial leg and realized I met him a long time ago when he base jumped and broke his leg but never knew it got amputated.
Teresa got trapped in town by the blood waters of Kane Creek and Linny picked up some guests there who waded through it and caught a ride to Base Camp. Linny then took Lydia to the bus station at 4am, got a flat tire and broke a leaf spring and Nations had to come put it all back together again.
A couple weeks ago during feeding of the gray foxes a large red fox walked up the drive way heading right towards Jax unaware that he was in charge of keeping the peace. Jax not recognizing the long tall stranger chased him down the drive way. I told guest who witnesses it I hadn't seen a red fox on the property in probably ten years when that red fox and another came up the drive way again and I fed them hot dogs. Moments later two kit foxes came around the corner from the drive way. I hadn't seen one of those but once the whole time I've been here. Then last week the red and kit foxes quit showing up and a hybrid fox is visiting each night. It has kit fox ears and short patches of hair which makes you think kit fox, but, it has a black point on it's tail not like gray foxes who have a black stripe on their tails. It has some red hair but not black legs like red's have but black up to the ankles. So it's a kit, red, and gray all at once. Then last night it showed up just 20 feet off the side walk and stared into my eyes with the head lamp on. It has green eyes like a mountain lion. I have no idea what we have but it always has Jax's attention.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Jax the Guide

Teresa took family and friend on a hike to Skinny People. She wanted to take the high route back along the top of the cliffs but wasn't 100% sure of the route. She lured Jax to go with her with string cheese and everyone came back saying what a great guide he was. Knew every inch of the trail and they followed him back on the high trail.

Vanessa Keating

All the side by sides needed work and one of the trucks so last week or so I drove something injured in almost every day and uninjured back. During one of thos trips Jax and I hit the bottom of Hurrah and there was a woman pushing a cart with a dog and a heavy pack and the likes in the cart. I pull up and say "What's the plan?" She says on a qwest bo make folks aware of the water problems in the Colorado River, or something like that. She says "Think I can push this up Hurrah Pass. I said "No but then you'll probably just try harder so I"ll be heading back this way in a couple hours and if you're still here I'll rescue you. Two hours later about half way up Hurrah is Vanessa, her dog, and the cart. I pull up and say "Want a ride?" She says "Yes I do." We pack everything in the side by side and over the next day or so I talk her out of going down Lockhart Basin where I won't go rescue her. She's been on the trail for about five months or so. Sponsored by the Weather Channel. It was nice talking to her and her travels. I told her what was coming and she caught a ride with Taresa to town the next day and began pushing her cart with dog down Hwy 191. She's interesting and good people. You can find her on Instagram and TikTok under the Nomad Diaries. Two or three days after she left I found this little note in the porch mail box.
"Tom and Teresa, Thank you both so much for your kindness. I wish I could express exactly how much it means to me. I"m pretty sure you saved our lives(Or at least saves us from an embarrassing SOS call.) We love you. Vanessa and Bryce s

Friday, September 16, 2022

Some Stuff Since the Rescue

After the Kobae rescue I wss exhausted for days. When I got back with him I went to take a shower and Linny had apparently taken one just before me because there was tamarisk from the river stuck to the shower curtain. I got an hour's sleep, got some work done, one more hour's sleep, some more things that had to be done, and a third hour's sleep then it was to town for errands and pick up Teresa at the airport. I was so tired I could barely stay awake on the way to the airport. I told Teresa the Kobae story but I could hardly focus on it. She ask me when it happen and I said three days ago and when everyone kept telling me it was that very morning I clung to my three days ago I was so exhausted I apprently thought each time I went to sleep for an hour was a day. Teresa drove on the way back. I couldn't stay awake.
We've taken some short hikes with Kobae since but even he doesn't seem like he wants to do a long one.
I'm in town a couple weeks ago and I go to Walker to buy some more gravity chairs and they are $100 each. I go back a couple days later and there are four of them there. One has a $100 sticker on it and the other three have $50 stickers on them, all the same chair. I buy the three $50 chairs then head to Nations to get some work on the 250. While they're working on it Jax and I wander the yard with all the wrecks in it and in the corner is the bunch of gravity chairs all piled up. Chris says that's a truck that wrecked in 2017 full of gravity chairs and he's been trying to get rid of them ever since. We're deep in gravity chairs now.
I couldn't take a picture of the whole car as the plates would show up on the Tesla and it's a rental.
Just got a second generator installed at both sides side of the property. If the batteries get low in the middle of the night and the generator won't start you flip a switch and it goes to the second generator.
A week or so ago the first Hayduker summer fall hiker came through. Ulysses S. Grant. This is Green Grass who just came through a couple days ago.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Kobae Three

I didn't sleep at all that night. It's been a 22 year relationship and even though he's a lot of work, very expensive, and has no shortage of attitude issues, he's my friend and good friends are hard to come by. If there is a way to save him I will. As I was working all night, unable to sleep, I imagined a beaver coming to check him and he backed up and fell in the river. A raccoon comes out of the tamarisk, he backs up and he's in the river. We show up at first light and he's gone. We look for him but no way to know where he fell in or when. It's over. These things playing in my head all night. As I'm driving over to the beach to see if he's still there before waking up Linny and Lydia I realize I was pumping water in the Condo yesterday when this all happened and it's stil pumping. I call Linny on the walkie and ask her to meet me at the boat ramp while I race over to the Condo to turn the water off. I open up the pump room and the overflow light is on. I'm getting ready to call Lydia to tell her the Condo has five hundred gallons of water in it and to start dry vac ing but I can't find where any of it went. I shut the hose off and head to the beach and meet Linny. Mosquitoes are thick but there's no place left for them to bite after last night and my cramps have cramps so it will take a long mosquitoe needle to feel any pain. There's no pictures for a bit and all the paragraphs will run together. We're focused on Kobae. During the night I tried to think of anything that might assist us so during the night I have filled up the back of one of the trucks with shovels, rakes, post hole digger and every tool we have. We take two rakes and start barefoot walking towards where we last saw Kobae 500 feet or so down the river bank from the boat ramp. He's there. I put a rake in the water in front of me and I can support myself with it. It doesn't sink in the mud. Still the water is a couple feet deep. Linny takes the other rake and we're both to him in four or five minutes. He's dug a little hole and he's still sleeping. I have some energy back and I climb up the embankment and start pushing him around so he's facing the river bank. If we can steer him 40 feet or so there is a place where he can get off the embankment and straight on to the mud beach. As soon as he sees he's in the same place where he crossed yesterday he heads right for it. I try and pull him up but I can't. He's staring at the place he came across. I know it now. it's two feet of mud and two feet of water on top. He won't make it. Kobae charges into the river. Linny says "Tom, he's made his decision there's nothing we can do. It's all up to Kobae now. It's the first time I have relaxed since he crossed. He lives or dies now and we'll know in ten seconds. It was his decision. He's very floatable but he can't swim. He runs into the river. He doesn't sink. He has so much momentum going that he runs across the top of the water and comes up on the muddy beach. He made it. He's alive. He starts slogging through really deep mud and the further he goes it starts building up in front of him like a snowplow that never turns it's blade. He's so strong. I guide him with the rake trying to keep him out of deep mud as we head for the boat ramp.
Finally he gets to shallow mud and we turn him towards the creek bed. We had no energy left to try and pick him up to put him in the back of the truck and he's slippery muddy.
He gets to the creek bed and we turn him into it. Normally we would be home in twenty minutes but Kobae is walking along grazing on grass and plants like it's a normal day and he worked up an appetite. The sun is blazing and it takes us one hour and fifteen minutes to get home. I have to fight him to get him up the hill towards the lodge and out of the creek bed. He's fighting me after all I did for him and the most stressul and strenous battle I've been through out here for many years. I get him back to the lodge and guide him to his hole quickly closing the gate behind him and head for the shower. He's alive and he's home.

Kobae River Bank

Kobae hiked almost as far as you can see on the river bank holding on to the side of the bank with two feet and the other two in the mud of the river, then turned around and came all the way back. There wasn't enough room for me to walk on the bank so I crawled it. Linny crossed and crawled it from the other direction.