Monday, October 18, 2021

Random Stuff

 I keep hearing different stuff about the place across the river but probably I don't care much anymore. My fear was it would be really crowded with planes flying in and out all the time but that hardly ever happens. One day I'll see three or four trucks and then none for a couple days.

Today, Sunday the 17th, Kobae is taking us on the high road by Doug's hogan who I've made no progress in buying and along the river.

I don't want to leave but if I buy something using my VA the requirement is that you live there. Not now. With two good people working here I'm able to hike with Jax and Kobae almost every day. The down side is I hardly know the guests checking in. Collin is taking care of check ins

so sometimes I don't meet them until their second or third day. Kobae is taking us high up on the viewpoints above the river going south toward the Wind Caves.

Kobae is always cooperative when he's deciding where to go but while he was cooperative getting back to the road, once it was time to turn around and head for home we fought for about a mile. My right boot against his left front leg. He have to step at the same time and as his foot is coming up and he only has three legs on the ground I have to push his left to the right with enough force that it pushes his head slightly to the right or at least straight ahead. Wherever his head is aiming that's where he's heading.

Neither of us took a step with out being connected to the other ones foot or leg thousands of times. Can't let him win even once or he just gets more determined and then I have to call the lodge to get somebody to bring a truck and we both lift him in the back. Last week one day he was really pissed off so I left him in the bed of the truck when we got back and he rammed the sides of the truck bed for an hour plus until he finally got tired. Then we opened the tail gate, picked him up and set him down and he was fine for the rest of the day.
We ceased the battle when we got to the mud puddle. I knew he was going through the middle and for a few brief seconds not trying to turn around and fight me. Then it was just a brief here and there battle the rest of the way back. We barely made it before dark but all in all a pretty good day. Special thanks to Jax who is so bored when we hike with Kobae as he's so slow but he's a trooper and goes out each time.

The Change Over

 Life is pretty good. Collin is taking over more of my duties each day. Every morning for weeks now I give him four or five more things to do and to watch for those things I haven't told him about before. Only now do I realize how massive the list of stuff I had to do each day was. Nate is a go-getter. First time since Linda and Linny I've had two good people or even one really. Each day I get a small pack and head out with Jax and Kobae. We follow Kobae's lead which is sometimes dangerous as his vantage point and decision making process comes from the view of six inches off the ground.

On this day Kobae went out the drive way and straight to the other side of the road. I'd completely forgotten I had five or ten acres up there so we wandered around awhile as I looked for something to build on but it's too close to the intersection with all the traffic going to Chicken Corner.

Mushrooms are growing pretty good when they get fertilized by cow poop.

Everywhere we go lot of people get out of their vehicles and walk with us or just stop and watch as we're hiking.