Sunday, September 30, 2018

Hayduker: Playa

Playa swings by on his Hayduke quest to water up and go through local knowledge before heading down Lockhart. He's been around awhile.

Hurrah Pass Sunday Morning

Sunday morning we had four check outs so to not miss my morning hike Jax and I did Hurrah Pass up and down and were able to say goodbye to each of the guests on their way out.

Good Idea?

Two Trains: My Mistake

The plan was to hike up to Two Trains, down the other side, back up Hurrah, back down to the lodge. That's a hike and I figured about 3.5 hours. Everything was off. I was slipping in places up to Two Trains that I don't slip. I nearly fell four times. Then when I went to go down the other side of Two Trains I slipped and fell off the first ledge. I decided that somehow my motor skills had vanished enough in one day not to try it and hiked back up to Two Trains. I sat on a rock trying to figure out why I was so uncoordinated today and even the rock I sat on collapsed. After that I worked my way very carefully back down to the road finding one spot at about the 5,000 foot elevation mark where there was shale with wave tracks in it. At one time the whole area up above Hurrah Pass was beachfront property. Hard to imagine.

As the day ended I went to take my boots off and found that somehow I had put on an old set of boots that I thought I had thrown away that had virtually no tread on the bottom. Good, I didn't have a stroke or physical ailment of some sort that affected my motor skills. I had boots with no traction.

Things Are Backwards

Jax is guarding the door to the lodge and Kobae is keeping the rock squirrels from raiding spark plug and starter wires in the vehicles.

Friday, September 28, 2018

In Tween

Friday morning Jax and I hiked between the property and Jackson Hole. Was magnificent.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Anti-Cline Big Horn Trail

Thursday morning Jax and I went part way up the Anti-Cline and followed the big horn trail.

Hiking with Jax and Kobae

I got to spend five hours today on the trail with Jax and Kobae. Jax is a little bored with the hiking pace but still he gets to go hiking twice a day now so still better than once.

Hey Cinderella, It Doesn't Fit

Wednesday Morning Hike and Stuff

Desert Art.
The new hogan is finished on the outside. Some stonework inside and hooking up power is next.

The mornings are brisk. The last two days the high was in the upper 70s and now the sun rises behind the Anti-Cline giving it another 30 minutes before it actually hits the lodge.

Off roaders have really torn up the landscape however on the up side I didn't have to pick up much trash on today's hike.