Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Sunday Evening, The Singer

 Kobae didn't go hiking and went inside a little early so Jax and I took off to get some hiking in for ourselves.

It was quiet and beautiful. Jax and I sat on the rocks just enjoying the quiet and the warmth of a setting sun.

Then out behind the lodge down towards the creek bed or gravel pit a male voice started up singing beautiful songs in a language not known to me. I'd seen guests on the back porch headed that way when I left to go hiking so figured it was them. The voice sang for at least a half hour or so. Jax and I tried to identify where it was coming from but we couldn't see anything. It sounded like it was moving around but we never saw anyone.

The rocks lit up as the voice grew bolder and louder.

Jax and I continued to watch the creek bed and where we found the hippie girl last summer nearly drowned and with needles sticking all out of her. At time it sounded like a little bit of an echo so I thought me might be in but we never saw anyone.

Just before dark the voice still moving around went silent. We looked for our guests to be walking from the creek bed back to the lodge but never saw them. When we returned to the lodge they were there and said it wasn't them. They were on the back porch looking out toward the creek bed for the voice and they never saw anyone either.
Nate came back from the north side of the property a few minutes later and said he was at the boat dock when the sun went down and he saw someone on the beach, he thought the other side of the river walking back and forth and he thinks that's who was doing the singing.

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