Thursday, November 18, 2021

San Diego, Things Have Changed

We got into San Diego about 2:30am or 3:30am Moab time. Paid plus $5 a gallon for gas at Terribles that huge gas station with 100 plus pumps just south of Vegas. Kobae made himself right at home finding a place to hump the stairs. Had to put some obstacles there for fear he'd fall in the pool and now he humps the stairs away from the pool. 

The backyard was the cleanest I've ever seen it. Heather said she told the kids Kobae was coming and they all went out back and put their possessions up high fearing Kobae would eat or destroy their stuff.

Kobae hiked three straight hours and quickly without a break around the neighborhood. Qualcomm Stadium is gone. Jax and I dropped off Linda at an appointment in a trendy sort of area close to downtown and every single person on the sidewalk, crossing the street, crosswalk or not, and even running had their cell phones out.

Three out every four radio stations were Spanish. I had to go through the dial five or six times before I found country. Driving back from Popeyes by the High School that use to be called Serra and is now called Canyon Hills, three out of every five kids walking down the sidewalks was wearing all black, boys and girls. I don't remember anybody wearing black when I went. Linny hadn't watched the first four episodes of Yellowstone this season so we could watch it together. Four out of five cowboys wore white hats. I don't know about the contrast but there's probably something.
As we walked Tierrasanta we got a lot of recognition people waving as they drove by. Coming up to us saying they still have the video from seven, from five, two years ago of Kobae chasing their dog. They still laugh over them. There was an older couple screaming at each other about where one of them planted the flowers, it's winter, they won't get enough sunshine there, I planted it where you told me, you're stepping on them........No neighbors came out so I assume it's a frequent occurrence. Lot of people introduced themselves. Many said they knew Heather and later Heather said she knew where we were all the time by people emailing pictures of us all hiking together. I didn't take a book cause with Jax on a leash and Kobae being Kobae I wouldn't have read a single page and my hands were full already. Ran across two kind of like former newspaper boxes called Free Little Library and people put excess books in them free for anyone to take. One more day before heading back.

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