Monday, April 29, 2019

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Trailer Park

If I would have thought about it when I moved here as to what is the most unlikely thing I would ever have imagined seeing here I think it would have been a trailer park but that is what's taking shape as the movie people begin making an impact. Advance people and the location director arrive Monday, Linny on Wednesday, most of the cast and crew on Thursday and by Saturday filming begins. Jim has offered to be in charge of security. He was extremely disappointed to find out Kobae already had that job.

Slipping Away

From dropping guests in the river early in the morning right through evening the days are full. Just for a few minutes though all the guests were entertained or settled in and Jax and I had a couple minutes to do a short hike.


I was a little nervous. I'd never had a guest ask to keep the side by side all night. I had a vision of somebody out there tearing up the land with my vehicle while I was sleeping. It didn't sit well.

He said he especially enjoyed night photography and he was pretty good at it. Seemed like a nice guy so I went with my gut. I'm glad I did.

Saturday, April 27, 2019


On Thursday one of the guest is a little unsure about driving out so Jax and I get in and drive it to the other down hill side of Hurrah Pass and Jax and I walk the nice five miles back. Temps were perfect.

Chicken Corner

All the guests have checked in, no more coming. Kobae went down in his hole. I'm sort of caught up and I find myself with a couple hours of free time so Melanie (guest), Jax and I get in the side by side and head for Chicken Corner.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Monday Hikes

On Monday Jax and I took a guest, Tom, yes Tom, to the Fingers to spend a little time looking for ways up on top to get some of the shots they need from above.
In the afternoon another guest, Melanie called for a ride back from the Wind Caves. When Jax and I picked her up I ask how many caves she saw and she said "One." That ain't right. She was at the wrong part of the rock formation so we flipped a side by side u-turn and headed for the Wind Caves. Was the first time I've climbed to the top in in months and what is normally an easy climb I was so out of shape I was out of breath at the top. That's embarrassing.

Some folks had ask me about having a wedding at Last Hurrah but I declined. They're too much work and there's nothing in it that we wouldn't have gotten already. Still I worked a deal to let them stay there three nights. I saw a parade of vehicles coming down the pass not long before sunset. Three miles away I could hear yelling and the like so I drove down to the bottom of the hill and waiting in the drive way to make sure the wedding party knew the rules.

When everyone was clear on the rules the bride to be said of the 18 people that showed up all around 20 and some change years old that nobody there even drank and it turned out to be the case. They were no issue at all and really nice people.

Base Camp Throw Down

Lynsey sets it up so her group comes out the same weekend each year. I knew they were coming over the weekend. More each year.

And the coolest gift a guy could get.

Peter told me that the group from Steamboat Springs would be in.
So when 15 more people showed up I figured it was Throw Down people but they were from Denver, then the next group was from Grand Junction so in addition to a full lodge and Last Hurrah there were 60 to 80 campers playing disc. Tents showed up at the boat ramp.
Then the boat dock/boat house filled up.
Then even the gravel pit filled up.