Thursday, May 6, 2021

VW Vans

Guests came back from side by siding and told me they were a big traffic jam on the sand hill. I drove over on the trials bike and there was a VW van convoy. A few of the vehicles were broken down on the stairs and sand hill and was creating a bottleneck for outgoing and incoming traffic. 

I ask if anyone needed help and they all said they were working it out and thought they were going to be fine.

Monday, May 3, 2021


 Jax loves Nations Towing. He gets excited when we pull in. Jumps out and with discipline checks every single vehicle for squirrels.

Linny and I each had a brief moment of no work at the same time so did our first trials bike ride together.

The River

Couple times a week Jax and I head out to the back yard and drop into the creek going to the river. No real rains so far this year so it hasn't changed much but what surprises me is the river itself. It's gone up almost not at all.

The two sandbars that have turned the entry point into a lagoon in each direction disappear barely for a day or two occasionally and then come right back and right now they are as big as they were all winter.

The boat ramp that can flood well past the top isn't currently even being touched.

According to the snow pack numbers nearly half of the snow pack has melted and there's only about eight feet left.