Friday, June 17, 2022

Dripping Springs

Teresa, Jax, and I hiked back into Dripping Springs still trying to find that petroglyph that is back there somewhere. I went to Moab Tour Company and they described where the guy was that gave them the picture of the petroglyph but I still can't find it so I'll take a map and have them point next time.
Dripping Springs is such a neat place with so much different kinds of stuff back here. I've neglected it over the years. I won't anymore

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Little More Stuff

Hiked up Jackson Ladder with some guests and took them to see the coolest petroglyph of the Spanish Conquistador. So hard to see it though it's so finely drawn.
Visited a couple of pottery sites I know and of course left all the pottery there and no pottery was harmed during the trip or picture taking.
Pretty dramatic views from the top of the Amasa Back.
Linny's Jeep has had a death wobble in it for awhile so dropped it off at Nations. They called said it was ready. I drove it up to Jackass Joe's on I-70 and it ran great so one day I'll get in the Jeep, drive to San Diego and switch out my other truck and Linster will have her Jeep again.


I bought new walkies and then Collin switched them all over to Channel 35. For years they've been on the emergency channel out here which is 21 but it turned into constant chatter. No one seemed to know it was the emerency channel and now the days and nights are quiet without all the constant chatter of people passing by. I don't think we've had anybody on our channel since he switched over a month or two ago and it's nice and quiet again. Still once or twice a year at 2am I'd hear a voice asking if anybody is monitoring the emergency channel and then I'd help them as much as I could or go rescue them.
We got up into the 100's for a few days and it will be off and on for another week or two but usually by the third week of June somewhere it goes in the 100s and stayes there until 2nd week of September or so.
Three vehicles driving slow flying a drone above them.
Have all three sie by sides back for the first time in a long time, three of the four trucks, and one day soon I'll drive out to San Diego, give Linny her Jeep back and bring back my 4th truck.
Jax is good, eight years old now, still can outhike anybody I know.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Life, Then, it got weird

You thought we were there already. Doug said he was meeting with them again and could he negotiate for me. I told him sure, that's fine. But I got nowhere to go, don't want to go, and I'm not sure there is a price. He said he wants $10 million for his hogan ahd he'll get me 18 million. I said Doug, I got nowhere to go. He said have them carve out a spot on the property that you can keep. I told him I feed a lot of critters and they are my friends. I don't want to uproot them, I can imagine what would happen if they came in with the bulldozers. I don't think I'll sell.
Somebody has gotten busy at the Chicken Corner sign
The river has peaked and is going down an inch or two a day. Mud at the bottom of the ramp where we put the kayaks in.
Jax and I went up on top of the cliffs to see what work was going on across the river and ran into this monster.

More Life

Then I started hearing they were with the Ammon Group which owns a couple hundred luxury hotels. The closest one being "Ammonguiri" in Utah down by Page at a place called Canyon Point. It's luxury alright. The cheapest room I found was $2,400 per night, and houses a little better than mine which rent on average for about $400 rent for $5,000 per night and best I can tell they are sold out forever. The rumor is they are dumping $160 million into it. When I looked all their closest resorts were 600 to 800 acres. That only gives them 135 acres over there. They'll probably be looking to expand. Doug seems to think so, he wants 3.8 million now. He said since they paid 6 to 8 million for that place mine is probably worth at least 10 million.
Doug came by and said the guy in charge emailed him and said he wanted to meet but it wasn't him that showed up, it was his dad, and he ask lots of questions about me. Then he emailed me and said he wanted to meet. When we did it was the dad again. He ask a lot of questions about Doug. I ask him what they are going to do with the place and he said they don't know. I said you're blasting out all the rooms that were there and never used and now they look big enough to drive a train through them. He said they are testing the ceilings for how much strength they have. He ask where I grew up and I told him Taylorsville in Salt Lake. I told him I don't know anybody that pays 6 million for a place and doesn't know what they are going to do with it. He said "Sometimes people in Taylorsville are just smarter than everybody else." We verbally danced for awhile and then he came to the point. Did I want to sell? I told him I wanted to retire but I had really good people working here right now and I am mostly retired. I was going to buy Doug's hogan on the hill until you guys got crazy and overpaid so much for the place across the river. Now, no chance of that happening.


My plan not long ago was to retire, move up on the hill and buy Doug's hogan which I thought was worth $600,000 to a million but I can't pay one million for a hogan to live in. However doesn't matter much now. I was going to try and buy the place across the river which I thought might be worth 2.5 million and needed about a half a million in work to be able to open. Then somebody bought the place across the river for I think it was around six million but it might have been worth more. When that happen Doug said he wanted $1.8 million for the hogan on the hill.
When the place across the river sold the agent said they would come see me soon and wanted to be good neighbors. Six or eight months went by and they never showed up so i drove over there. Met with the guy James who was running the show and I ask him what he was going to do with the place and he said he wasn't sure. He had partners and everytime he wanted to do something they didn't seem interested so he didn't know of anything was going to happen.
Then not long after I left they started dynamiting stuff, had a big old flame thrower going, firing lots of weapons. A few of the folks that have done work over there for them said it was a bunch of Colombians from Miami and Bogota. We and guests see a plane or helicopter land occasionally and trucks pull up and in not too long a time the trucks all leave. On New Year's they had a fireworks show you wouldn't believe which started at 10pm which is midnight in Bogota and Miami. So when people would ask what was going on there we'd just say it was our neighborhood drug dealers enjoying themselves.


The gastopod search each evening has gone about as far as it needs to go.
There were a lot of people not able to make it in the disc tourney earlier this year so they got together and had their own tournament a week or two agao and gave me this shirt.
There is a battle raging every evening in the cliffs to the south of the lodge. I can't get close enough to see who it is but it appears a golden eagle has set up a nest in the cliffs and seven ravens are not happy about it. Two ravens buzz the nest every evening trying to get the golden eagle to come out while five more wait at various locations on the cliff face to ambush the golden eagle if it comes out to do battle.
Teresa and I went to the rodeo last Friday and it was the most packed I've ever seen it. Probably 500 people. Just little bit of room at each end of the beathers and the rest was taken. The competition is nice but I enjoy the opening ceremonies the most because it's so rare. There was a prayer, somebody sang America the Beautil, a cowgirl on a horse rode around the arena several times with the American Flag and nobody took a knee.

Monday, June 6, 2022

The Gap to Lockhart's Beginning

It's hot. Jax is struggling with temps in the 80s and he's of course wearing a fur coat. We're going through the water and I'm getting a little nervous. Teresa is going to bring water to the mesa above the beginning of Lockhart Basin.
Jax and I are going through our last canteen and then we get three breaks at the same time. The road turns mostly straight north so now the sun is beating on us from behind. A slight breeze has come up refreshing us and the sun has gone behind a dark cloud and we knock off two more miles while it's there.
Jax keeps looking back at me to be sure I know where we're going. Then he comes around a corner and recgonizes a plateau at the top of the first mile or so of Lockhart where we had breakfast with some side by side folks from Oregon earlier this year. He's excited. Teresa comes around the corner carrying more water. She's hiked the extra mile up the canyon just in case.
We hike down to the bottom and we've made it. Ten miles or so cross country for the first half and dirt road for the second.