Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Something is Going to Happen

 For fifteen years I've been hand feeding Kobae off and on and bragging that he's never bitten me and no one else will feed him because they have all nearly lost fingers and all say it hurts terribly. A week or so ago I was wacking flies with the swatter or talking to someone and the size of each of Kobae's bites is not consistent and he got me. Yes it hurts very much. He wasn't trying to bite me he's just an enthusiastic eater. I went to the kitchen sink and it was pumping pretty good as one of the guests bandaged me up.

On days when we don't go hiking Kobae maintains his usual spot in the front door where everyone has to step over him.
Two or three weeks ago something spooked Kobae in his house and he hasn't gone back in it yet. Most days I walk over there and move some dirt around trying to fix whatever the problem is. He hikes over there nearly every day and even goes through the gate. If I close the gate on him locking him in his yard he immediately digs a hole and crawls in it. He has decided he's just not going in there no matter what. I found three small tunnels into it from the outside and assume they were squirrels. I filled the holes up and they haven't reappeared but Kobae doesn't see to care about that. He looks in his house from the outside and then beats feet outside the gate.

I hadn't seen a hawk in a month or two and apparently neither did this Eurasian Dove.
I park Constant Impact behind the solar panels so the interior doesn't get fried in the sun since it only moves once every week or two when I take it to town for water or wood or trash on the way in. It can be completely full of water and the leaf springs hardly compress at all but you just touch the gas and it's a rock ship unless you're in sand and then you've dug yourself a hole hubcap high without even knowing it.

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