Friday, October 8, 2021

Maybe It's Time

 Fifteen years I've been here. What was retirement has turned into a job that requires about as many, maybe more hours than I worked at the Let's Play job when I retired 15 years ago and moved out here. I have an adventure lodge and I'm fat because just like when I ran the indoor soccer facilities I worked in the office all day and never did any physical activity. It's the same here. I live on the river and I've kayaked twice this year. Only because Nate has come through so well have I been able to start hiking with Kobae and Jax. I want my life back.

Collin showed up day before and he's taking my place, mostly. I'll probably keep the bookings and if people want to go hiking, kayaking, side by side, stuff like that I'd do that.
I have my VA available which around here is $550,000 at 2.5%. It's silly not to use it. Where can you get a half a million loan and the payment are about $1,250 a month? Doug owns the hogan up on the hill. I think it would be perfect to live there and then if Collin or Nate needed help I could just walk down the hill and be here in five minutes. Doug wants a lot more than $500,000. I've offered him a crazy amount but I think he wants more and he might be right. Ever since the place across the river sold for $6,000,000 the world has gone crazy. The place probably needs another $500,000 to get it functional.
If I can't cut a deal with Doug I still want to buy something. Shame to waste that rate and payment. If it's not close to Base Camp what to do with Kobae he's such a draw here. I guess it will depend on what I wind up with and where. I'm going to do something. I don't want to look over Collin's shoulder. I trust him or I don't and I do. Collin and Nate will be a pretty significant force here and I think they will raise the level of service and with both of them being so good they'll be able to take a day off here and there and I can cover for them if they both take the same day.
I've been here a long time and I don't particularly want to leave so hope I can stay nearby but I also don't want to work. We'll see what happens. 

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