Thursday, October 7, 2021

Hayduke and Stuff

 Sturgeon came along last week doing the Hayduke and Yeti a few days after that.

Kobae still won't go down in his hole which means looks like he's laundry room bound until he goes back to San Diego middle of November. It's much easier when he's in his pen and you can keep working and let him out when you're ready to go hiking. When he's in the lodge he just blows through the doors and does substantial damage.
The beach/former driveway is nice but every time it rains, which is a lot this year, it muddies up again.

Much like it seems the youth of today I still feed the critters each night and most nights there is a decent size human audience. Mom is fully prepared to catch a hot doge 24/7/365 while the kids don't seem that motivated. Mom.
Then there's the kids.

When we get a good rain we're back to this.

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