Monday, October 4, 2021

Electronic Stuff

 I still have a crap phone and several emergencies in the last few days where I couldn't call from the site. I'll look for a satellite phone I guess but the one I had 15 years ago sucked. Hopefully there has been some improvement.

Finally got the wifi back at the lodge. Driving back and forth to empty units to get messages was a nightmare and once I had wifi again I was able to get Direct TV come and fix some of the channels that weren't working because he found six places raccoons had eaten the cable.
Hiking with Kobae almost every day. He's the little engine that could as he plows through stuff on the way up Hurrah or out to the Wind Caves.

Kobae won't leave the yard if there is a dog on the property. He wanders around until he finds it. Here he found it on the back porch and despite obstacles he's determined.

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