Thursday, February 13, 2014

Beyond Pot Hole Arch

All the way out to Pot Hole Arch Tom can't find any major source of water. Where the trail ends at Pot Hole Arch Tom keeps going and coming over one of the petrified sand dunes Tom picks up a game trail. Game trail now but appears to have been a major cattle trail at one time. Tom finds a few arrowhead flakes but nothing else.


Judi S said...

Now Pothole Arch is a really interesting formation. Glad you are finding shards and flake. Makes for a well spent day

Tom said...

I wanted to make it all the way to the end where I could look down in each direction and see the river but the route I chose following the old cow trails led me into a pretty steep wall I wasn't sure I could get over and it was getting late, plus of course nobody knew I was out there. There weren't any tracks except big horn and deer so probably would have been awhile before they found me. Was just as well. By the time I got back I was hurting a little and am taking today off from hiking just to recover.

Is pretty neat out there, like nothing I've done before except maybe the Tombstones.