Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Storm is Coming

Tom is hoping he can return to the side by side at the bottom of Jackson Ladder before the storm hits. In route Tom sees three small rock outcroppings he hasn't visited. With binoculars he can't locate any petroglyphs or false kivas so continues toward the ladder. Spotting the rock formation he found five false kivas on a week ago he realizes he can't see petroglyphs or the false kivas he knows are there. Tom doubles back to the small rock outcroppings and on this the seventh day of Amasa Back he finds the remains of a seventh false kiva.


cyn said...

You are finding amazing stuff, including places to store water and take a bath. Hope there was also a good way down.

Unknown said...

Agreed...You are on a role Tom finding a trove of treasure. How do you keep people from disturbing the sites?

Tom said...

You can't keep people from disturbing the sites. Can't watch them 24/7/365. Best you can do is cover up tracks you made going to them. Time permitting each time I see a set of tracks going off somewhere I follow them. I know they were probably just looking for a view but might be something special there. The problem of course is you're out hiking for five hours and then you find a false kiva with shards and flakes. You can cover your tracks by being careful on the way out but not much you can do about the five hours of tracks you made getting there. Just hoping for some wind and rain in the not too distant future. Wind and rain is pretty much an eraser on a blackboard unless the tracker is really good and there aren't many of those. Last winter I think it was I followed some tracks over some really difficult terrain to a 300 foot drop off to the river where they ended. I couldn't find a back track, stepping in their own tracks backwards, or even walking out on hard rock. For an hour I searched for anything thinking this was the ultimate trick. Then I realized it wasn't. I set down and for a moment I was looking through somebody else's eyes not knowing what in life led them to this moment.