Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Zorro Plan

To get Zorro the badger out of Kobae's house Tom used badger reverse psychology by sealing up Kobae's house so that Zorro would think of it as a trap and once having figured out how to escape, never go back in. Zorro spent three days sealed up and finally tunneled out last Friday. Every day since Tom has raked the area around Kobae's house looking for Zorro's tracks to see if he's gone back in and there have been none. Just in case every other day Tom seals it up again in case Zorro is in there. But, every evening since, Tom has seen Zorro on the porch at the cat bowl so every other day he unseals it trying to lure Zorro back in. In life, a plan, confronted by reality, rarely retains it's original trajectory. Tom doesn't expect this one to be different but so far, it's working.

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Unknown said...

Zorro's exercise plan for Tom is working. I can hear him snickering all the way here in Alaska. To my way of thinking Zorro is probably thinking that he has a reservation at the Kobae Kottage until the moving rock re-appears. At this point he probably thinks the maintenance guy should fix the door.