Saturday, February 1, 2014

Zorro the Trickster

On Wednesday Johnny and Tom sealed Zorro up in Kobae's house. No sign of Zorro on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Friday night Tom sees Zorro eating out of the cat bowl. With Saturday morning's arrival Tom can see the door is cracked and the nail bent but there are no footprints showing he made it through the door. There are tracks along the fence and a dig under the gate. Pulling up the trap door there is fresh dirt in the bottom. It has taken Zorro three days but he has gone into the tunnel, around the dog house area then dug an escape tunnel six feet long and four feet up emerging out the west side. Tom spends the morning stuffing shovels of dirt and as many large rocks sealing up Zorro's new entrance and exit. Tom pulls the front door off again tempting Zorro to spend Saturday night in Kobae's house. On Sunday Tom will seal it up again and wait to see if Zorro shows up at the cat bowl Sunday night. It is Tom's hope Zorro will have to decide if three days of digging each time is worth living in Kobae's house. Tom has started the eviction process a month or so before Kobae's return as he has the feeling this is nowhere close to over.

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Unknown said...

Zorro: [after making a "Z" mark on Armand] So the devil will know who sent you.

I believe your right. Its not over til its over. Zorro will leave his mark. Make sure its not on you.