Monday, February 3, 2014

Mysterious Doings

When Tom comes out Sunday morning to feed the birds the cat food bowl is gone. Four previous times someone has stolen the entire bowl and each time Linny and Tom traced it to Hurrah the abandoned cattle dog. This time there are no tracks and Hurrah hasn't been seen for nearly a month. Tom doesn't see any tracks going into Kobae's house but he seals it up again any how just in case Zorro has gone back in. Out of Tupperware bowls Tom places a ceramic bowl on the porch and fills it with cat food. At 10pm nobody has shown up to eat out of it. Over the next two hours Kitty shows up four times for hot dogs and at around midnight Tom hears critters running down the back porch, at about 2am running across the roof, and at 5am running underneath the lodge in the crawl space. When Monday morning comes all the food is still in the bowl.

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