Saturday, February 8, 2014

Amasa Back (Day Eight) Best Day Yet

Tom steps out on the porch and there's a good wind blowing. Good day to find a way to the half bowl area and spend more time at the other area he just touched on returning from the half bowl. Any tracks he makes will be gone in a day or so. Climbing Jackson Ladder and merging with the Cliff Hanger trail he sees four people ahead of him looking at maps. Speaking with them it turns out some of them are with the BLM and one Tom had worked with before. They have a map of all known native sites on Amasa Back and they are out verifying them. They all have various specialties regarding Indian sites. They know of some of the Kiva sites and that's where they are headed. Some of the petroglyphs a little hard to distinguish thoughout the Kiva area.

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