Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No Man's Land

It's Day Eleven of Tom's exploration of the Amasa Back. It's roughly a half hour drive, fifteen more minutes up Jackson Ladder if you're in decent shape, and then another hour and a half out to Pot Hole Arch. Beyond Pot Hole Arch you might as well be on the moon. On Monday night Tom was looking at maps and Google Earth trying to find a way down to the river or a water source on the Amasa Back. One, and only one picture was on Google Earth past Pot Hole Arch and it wasn't far past Pot Hole Arch. It was labeled No Man's Land. Rightfully so. In two full days in No Man's Land Tom saw one other set of human prints and a bicycle track or two. On Day Ten he thought he was close to being able to find a way down to the river with just a few more obstacles in the way. Today Tom aims to finish that quest. Four hours into his journey his path to the river comes to this.

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cyn said...

Guess you are not a mountain sheep, but have to be an eagle instead.