Friday, June 4, 2021


 One post in the last two weeks. The days are busy. The lodge and Last Hurrah are mostly full every day. I feed the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks around noon but I've now moved it to evenings as every day is 100 degrees. Roughly 9:30pm for the little people who come each night. There is one small skunk who sits up on the porch waiting for me. He/she's so cute. Couple of raccoons have found permanent places on the roof and crowded out the ringtails but they still come occasionally. Foxes there are more of them each night. One of the raccoons turned out was stealing the hot dogs for the ringtails and foxes and I didn't know so they all quit coming but it's getting back to normal now that I know and more importantly Jax knows. He keeps them all in line.

When I'm done feeding little people at 10pm plus I go work in the office but because the days start so early I've got nothing left and too tired to updates and the like. I do booking requests and then I'm asleep.
Numbers wise the lodge revenue and next door is double what it was on May 31 last year. However last year Co-vid took a toll in March, April, and May though we still finished $75,000 over the year before.
Memorable things happen every day and usually I remember to get a picture and I probably have quite a few to download from the camera and hopefully that will remind me. For example I've lost track of the number of cars I've driving up Hurrah and or to town for check outs. Two thirds of the hiking Jax and I get done are hiking down Hurrah Pass and even then sometimes while we're hiking down we'll run into somebody else checking out who says they didn't realize my driving them out was an option and then move over and I'm on the way back up Hurrah again driving them out.

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