Saturday, June 5, 2021

The River

 What started as about 16 feet of snow pack is now down to six inches and maybe the river has risen a foot but I think it's less than that. It all melted real evenly as the days were mostly the same temperature wise. The bugs and mosquitoes in particular will be here in the next few days but I don't expect many of them or for very long. The sand bar/beach across the river turned into an island but it's not going anywhere. The river will begin dropping quickly next week and we'll see what we wind up with on our side.

Last week couldn't walk down to the boat ramp through the dry creek bed as the river came up just a little and made the last 15 feet pretty muddy.

The sand bars that were at the boat ramp hung out for a couple more days and finally surrendered to the slightly rising water.

Finally it began touching the bottom of the boat dock.

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