Friday, May 21, 2021


 Last weekend beginning Friday a bunch of vehicles pulled into the place across the river. Planes began landing and taking off. It was busy. One evening during the busy it got quiet. Jax and I walked down to the boat ramp and just listened to the quiet. Across the river, on the beach, stood one man, just pondering it seemed to me. That's him. That's the guy running the show. I watched him for four or five minutes. He seemed to do the same with me. Neither of us said anything or acknowledged the other. Someday we'll meet and see what's going on. He walked back toward his boat ramp and I did the same.

The snow pack is down to 5.5 feet and the water is just now starting to touch the boat ramp but there's a long ways to go to get to the top of the boat ramp where it is most years.

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