Friday, June 10, 2022

More Life

Then I started hearing they were with the Ammon Group which owns a couple hundred luxury hotels. The closest one being "Ammonguiri" in Utah down by Page at a place called Canyon Point. It's luxury alright. The cheapest room I found was $2,400 per night, and houses a little better than mine which rent on average for about $400 rent for $5,000 per night and best I can tell they are sold out forever. The rumor is they are dumping $160 million into it. When I looked all their closest resorts were 600 to 800 acres. That only gives them 135 acres over there. They'll probably be looking to expand. Doug seems to think so, he wants 3.8 million now. He said since they paid 6 to 8 million for that place mine is probably worth at least 10 million.
Doug came by and said the guy in charge emailed him and said he wanted to meet but it wasn't him that showed up, it was his dad, and he ask lots of questions about me. Then he emailed me and said he wanted to meet. When we did it was the dad again. He ask a lot of questions about Doug. I ask him what they are going to do with the place and he said they don't know. I said you're blasting out all the rooms that were there and never used and now they look big enough to drive a train through them. He said they are testing the ceilings for how much strength they have. He ask where I grew up and I told him Taylorsville in Salt Lake. I told him I don't know anybody that pays 6 million for a place and doesn't know what they are going to do with it. He said "Sometimes people in Taylorsville are just smarter than everybody else." We verbally danced for awhile and then he came to the point. Did I want to sell? I told him I wanted to retire but I had really good people working here right now and I am mostly retired. I was going to buy Doug's hogan on the hill until you guys got crazy and overpaid so much for the place across the river. Now, no chance of that happening.

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