Sunday, June 5, 2022

Chicken Corner to The Gap at Lockhart Basin 2

Teresa, Jax, and I have made it to the top of the ridge. Will it take us to The Gap without a canyon that we can't cross, cutting the ridge in half. Can see the river to the south of us and way back in the distance of that open area can see where we departed Chicken Corner.
Teresa has been acting as support. She's carrying extra water for us and once we see a clear path to The Gap, then she'll return to Chicken Corner and drive the truck to the mouth of Lockhart Basin. Jax and I will have two canteens to get another mile or so to The Gap and five more miles back to the mouth of Lockhar Basin. Our path isn't to the right or left but I can see The Gap and it looks like there is a 30 or 40 foot wide path to get there with drop off canyons on both sides. We've just got a mile or two to go to The Gap and I think we can climb that rocky terrain beneath it. I call Teresa on the walkie and tell her we/ve found a clear path and she begins the long journey back to Chicken Corner.
Jax and I have made it to The Gap and now the five mile desolate hike back to the mouth of Lockhart Basin. Surprisngly we have contact with Teresa most of the time on the walkie at some high points we can hear Collin at the lodge ten to fifteen miles away. We still have a canteen and a half left. It's looking encouraging.

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