Thursday, June 16, 2022


I bought new walkies and then Collin switched them all over to Channel 35. For years they've been on the emergency channel out here which is 21 but it turned into constant chatter. No one seemed to know it was the emerency channel and now the days and nights are quiet without all the constant chatter of people passing by. I don't think we've had anybody on our channel since he switched over a month or two ago and it's nice and quiet again. Still once or twice a year at 2am I'd hear a voice asking if anybody is monitoring the emergency channel and then I'd help them as much as I could or go rescue them.
We got up into the 100's for a few days and it will be off and on for another week or two but usually by the third week of June somewhere it goes in the 100s and stayes there until 2nd week of September or so.
Three vehicles driving slow flying a drone above them.
Have all three sie by sides back for the first time in a long time, three of the four trucks, and one day soon I'll drive out to San Diego, give Linny her Jeep back and bring back my 4th truck.
Jax is good, eight years old now, still can outhike anybody I know.

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