Friday, June 10, 2022


My plan not long ago was to retire, move up on the hill and buy Doug's hogan which I thought was worth $600,000 to a million but I can't pay one million for a hogan to live in. However doesn't matter much now. I was going to try and buy the place across the river which I thought might be worth 2.5 million and needed about a half a million in work to be able to open. Then somebody bought the place across the river for I think it was around six million but it might have been worth more. When that happen Doug said he wanted $1.8 million for the hogan on the hill.
When the place across the river sold the agent said they would come see me soon and wanted to be good neighbors. Six or eight months went by and they never showed up so i drove over there. Met with the guy James who was running the show and I ask him what he was going to do with the place and he said he wasn't sure. He had partners and everytime he wanted to do something they didn't seem interested so he didn't know of anything was going to happen.
Then not long after I left they started dynamiting stuff, had a big old flame thrower going, firing lots of weapons. A few of the folks that have done work over there for them said it was a bunch of Colombians from Miami and Bogota. We and guests see a plane or helicopter land occasionally and trucks pull up and in not too long a time the trucks all leave. On New Year's they had a fireworks show you wouldn't believe which started at 10pm which is midnight in Bogota and Miami. So when people would ask what was going on there we'd just say it was our neighborhood drug dealers enjoying themselves.

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