Friday, June 10, 2022

Life, Then, it got weird

You thought we were there already. Doug said he was meeting with them again and could he negotiate for me. I told him sure, that's fine. But I got nowhere to go, don't want to go, and I'm not sure there is a price. He said he wants $10 million for his hogan ahd he'll get me 18 million. I said Doug, I got nowhere to go. He said have them carve out a spot on the property that you can keep. I told him I feed a lot of critters and they are my friends. I don't want to uproot them, I can imagine what would happen if they came in with the bulldozers. I don't think I'll sell.
Somebody has gotten busy at the Chicken Corner sign
The river has peaked and is going down an inch or two a day. Mud at the bottom of the ramp where we put the kayaks in.
Jax and I went up on top of the cliffs to see what work was going on across the river and ran into this monster.

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