Monday, June 6, 2022

The Gap to Lockhart's Beginning

It's hot. Jax is struggling with temps in the 80s and he's of course wearing a fur coat. We're going through the water and I'm getting a little nervous. Teresa is going to bring water to the mesa above the beginning of Lockhart Basin.
Jax and I are going through our last canteen and then we get three breaks at the same time. The road turns mostly straight north so now the sun is beating on us from behind. A slight breeze has come up refreshing us and the sun has gone behind a dark cloud and we knock off two more miles while it's there.
Jax keeps looking back at me to be sure I know where we're going. Then he comes around a corner and recgonizes a plateau at the top of the first mile or so of Lockhart where we had breakfast with some side by side folks from Oregon earlier this year. He's excited. Teresa comes around the corner carrying more water. She's hiked the extra mile up the canyon just in case.
We hike down to the bottom and we've made it. Ten miles or so cross country for the first half and dirt road for the second.

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