Sunday, June 5, 2022

Chicken Corner to The Gap at Lockhart Basin Cross Country

It's Tuesday, May 31st, and I'm 70 years old on this day. Most male members of my family have died of cancer well before this and I expected the same. I'm very surprised I"m still here. Years ago I would celebrate my birthday by doing something dumber than the year before. I climbed up to The Crack, Two Trains, hard way to Three Guys on a Roller Coaster, hiked back from town, kayaked the river in the dark, whatever seemed difficult and something I hadn't done before. Then three or four years ago the place got so busy I ran out of time for my own life and just focuesed on Base Camp. Now with Collin and Lydia doing so well on their jobs taking my place and Teresa covering all the loose ends I have some time.
I've wondered for a long time if there was a way to go behind Chicken Corner and find your way to The Gap on Lockhar Basin. One day at The Gap I looked over and could see the area behind Chicken Corner and it looked possible but until you're out there you don't know. So, on this day, May 31st at 70 years old I"m going to find out. We hike around Chicken Corner and we're off.
It looks like there is a ridge that goes most of the way across that will get us to Lockhart. If there is a deep drop off or canyon it's not going to happen and there are finger canyons coming up from the river everywhere. Jax has picked up stickers so we're trying to hike down ancient rock creek beds to avoid the stickers to get to the ridge and see if we can even climb it. We run across tracks from the big horn sheep herd which appear to be heading same way as us. If I can track the sheep and they know a way we'll make it.
We've come to a large basin area and the only place that looks climbmable is the ridge to our right when I'm hoping if we can get on top we make it all the way to The Gap.

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