Monday, January 10, 2022

Night Time

 Night time has been terribly sad the last week since something got killed. Each evening something comes and searches for the brother, mother, father, friend, or sister that was killed last week. It cries as it wanders the property calling out for it's friend. It moves quickly and the cry goes from area to area around the property. I have yet to see any shape or eye color, just the mournful loss of a loved one. It spend considerable time where the death occurred a few nights ago with the soulful mourn emitting from where the screams came from. Jax and I, and Collin and Ranger have spent a lot of time where the screams came from the night of death, not far from where the ghost foxes live. Nothing.

The only difference I can find is there was a place up by the Tee on #15 that had a pile of fox scat there where a fox it seems would wait for me to throw the food out and from it's vantage point then come down to eat. There is a good size coyote that lives back there and with the absence of fox scat I'm thinking the coyote won that engagement.

Normally I would sit on the porch and throw hot dogs in the directions that the foxes come from. One or two behind the solar panels come out. One from down the driveway. The hill by the mud huts, and two coming up from the river and behind the fire pit. However when I turned the feeding over to Collin he changed things up. He throws a few hot dogs out there but he puts all the rest in the bowls on the front porch. What that does is reward whoever shows up first gets them all. So if the fox coming up the driveway doesn't show up for a couple nights I would assume something got it. That might not be the case now. One time when I took Kobae to San Diego I showed Michelle how to feed everyone before I left. She said she fed them every night but when I got back nobody showed up for three or four nights. Guests told me she didn't feed them at all so once they show up for three or four nights in a row and there's no food they assume it's over and quit coming. I think that's what happened here. No way to know who is still alive out there for a week or so until the routine returns in full.

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