Thursday, January 13, 2022

From Town

 The night before guests were checking out they mentioned they'd prefer not to drive the road back to town. I'm use to driving up and down Hurrah Pass for guests but from town it's a hike but I agreed to do it anyway. Jax and I got dropped off at the Amasa Back trail head and Cliffhanger just before the pavement starts and about two hours earlier than the last time I did it and didn't get back until well after dark. Should be ok this time. As we left the parking lot there were two new signs. One said Amasa Back and the other bicycle trail. We took Amasa Back which took us with some effort to a climbing area below the Amasa Back where you had to climb the cliff or turn around. We turned around and there went 30 minutes of my two hour head start.

Back on the Jeep/Cow trail Cliffhanger. Not far down Cliffhanger I found a sign for the bicycle trail Captain Ahab that looked to be shorter and rejoin Cliffhanger further up the Amasa Back so we took it.

It wasn't shorter. As we wandered further and further away from Cliffhanger I started looking for ways to cut across to get back on Cliffhanger. Joining the road again we came across three dogs but saw their owners a little bit further back down the trail and after some crotch and butt sniffing, yes I participated, Jax and I continued along the road.

Coming around the corner we could look down into Jackson Hole where hopefully we'd be in the next 45 minutes or so to have a chance of getting back before dark.

We followed the road to Jackson Ladder and then as I started down my knee gave out. I could walk on it but it was painful. By the time we got to the bottom of the ladder (not really a ladder, just a trail) it hurt quite a bit. These are the last pictures I took because when we got to the bottom of the ladder I realized I had lost my camera somewhere on the trail down but I had not the strength or the knee to go backwards and look for it.

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