Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Couple Things

 Been cold, single digits at night. River shows it.

Guy came by last week in his vehicle, to the front door, said "I grew up by a river. I use to sit by the river for hours watching it go by. I miss those days. Was heading to your property and saw the sign that said "Private Property. No Trespassing". I'm here to ask you if it would be all right if I went down to the river and just sat there for awhile. I won't go anywhere else." I said "December 31st and you're the only person to come to the door and ask all year. Go thru the No Trespassing sign and turn left immediately. That will take you down to the beach and boat ramp." He said "Thank you." I called Nate and Collin on the walkie and told them it was ok.
Looks like the cold spell is mostly over. 40s by day and upper teens and low 20s at night. See if we can get some long hikes in. It's 11:20pm on Tuesday night and Jax can't find a comfortable spot on the office couch. He's been turning around and around for three or four minutes.

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