Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sixth False Kiva of the Day

Whether this sixth false kiva of the day was made around the large rock that fell or was under it when it fell Tom couldn't determine. When the day started he had seen three false kivas in his eight years exploring and now he has found six in one day all grouped pretty close together. The sixth false kiva, separated a bit from the others is the only one he has found footprints of anybody being there in recent times. Yesterday appeared to be the sites of Anasazi though Tom is still trying to identify the pottery shards while today appear to be the Fremont Indians with all squared pictographs and the largest big horn pictograph he has ever seen.


cyn said...

Amazing. Blows the mind what all is there to find. What makes a kiva "false"?

Tom said...

Many times especially further south you'll find kivas underground, many times with multiple rooms. True kivas. Here it's too rocky to dig very deep so there are two to four foot high stacked walls under overhangs generally, false kivas. There's some shelter in false kivas but not like the real ones or true kivas. I've read they were used for shelter, I've read they are ceremonial, and I've read they marked territory and private space.