Saturday, January 25, 2014

Moving On

Finding nothing of significance above Jackson Ladder Tom begins moving east and finds sign of a long time ago but not what he's looking for.


cyn said...

Is the rock a signpost or altar? What are the other posts for? You are finding interesting items.

Tom said...

I rarely know. Sometimes I find rock cairns, rocks stacked on top of each other. Occasionally I find them with faint unreadable writing on them. Usually I'll find four of them about 600 feet from each other. On one of the markers they have to put the location of the claim, the time it was claimed, reason for the claim what kind of substance or material is being searched for. Mostly I'll find a cairn with three or four rocks going up and then one rock on the bottom. The location of the rock lying on the ground next to the cairn tells you which way to turn. If the rock is pressed up against the cairn and is on the right side you are to make a right at that cairn. Occasionally you can roughly date them by seeing if moss or cryptobiotic soil is next to it but not on the marker, if you know how long those things take to grow in this climate.