Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's 2 a.m.

Tom is sleeping. Having a dream, or in this case a remembrance. Thirty years ago, living in Colorado Springs, his cat got in the neighbor's garbage. The neighbor put the lid on to teach the cat a lesson and then went to work with the plan to free it when he returned. The neighbor was pretty broke up when he came over to tell us and return our dead cat which had suffocated. Tom wakes up. Why did he have that dream? There's a reason. Tom is getting dressed and putting on his boots not yet sure why. Then he realizes. He and Johnny sealed up Kobae's house pretty good. Can Zorro breath? If he's in there ramming the door he'll be using up a lot of air. Tom pulls the truck up so he'll have enough light and then pops the trap door under the straw bails. Zorro is right below him and runs back into the tunnel. Tom leaves the door open for a few minutes to resupply Zorro's air and then closes it. Tom pulls two of the three nails out of the front door and pulls one corner back a little so there is a fresh air exchange. When morning comes Tom can see where Zorro has been pushing against the door but he doesn't see any tracks where Zorro has yet escaped.


cyn said...

You are such a sweetheart.

Unknown said... didn't like my Zorro Quote. Just wanting you to beware of those claws..