Sunday, January 5, 2014


Tom didn't want a dog or he would have gotten one. Fear being it would scare off all the other critters. While so far Hurrah hasn't let Linny or Tom anywhere near it and still disappears with the creak of the floor or crack of the door opening it's close by. Hurrah is emptying three bowls of cat food a day. When evening comes all the critters still come. Two to four foxes, two to three ring tails, an occasional skunk, and Zorro for sure every night. Last night before retiring Tom went outside to see if the bowl needed refilling and the bowl was gone. Linny and Tom have seen him pick up the bowl out at the cowboy camp and move it and one bowl disappeared out there also. Now Hurrah is taking the whole bowl so nobody else gets any.


cyn said...

Weird. Hurrah has some strange, bad stuff in his background, but he looks pretty sleek now. Do you ever see him running around during the day? Surely he isn't just eating and staying under the lodge.

Tom said...

I hear him/her under the lodge now, right under the office actually. When I go out to fill up the bowl he knows. Once I come back and sit down in the chair I can hear him get up and start walking to the hole that leads to the outside and about three or four minutes later I see him eating out of the bowl. When he's done I hear him go back under the lodge. The the process repeats itself. Three times so far on this Monday and it's only 1:30. I filled up the bowl nine times a couple days ago plus dog treats. Before Hurrah it was usually three or four times a day. Before Zorro it was usually two bowls a day.

cyn said...

Good grief! Pretty soon. He will need a bigger hole!