Monday, January 27, 2014

Another Short Cut

Tom has found the end of both roads and it's time to head back but it's a long ways. Then Tom spots the propane gas line going to the Pot Ash plant which travels right down Jackson Ladder. Tom should be able to follow the propane pipe right to Jackson Ladder. On the way Tom finds more remnants of the phone line he found two winters ago that he had tracked all up and down Jackson Hole for four or five days and then lost at the bottom of Jackson Ladder. Just a few hundred feet from Jackson Ladder Tom finds a single pottery shard.


cyn said...

Pic 5 looks iffy. How did you get across there?

Tom said...

Nothing in these pictures was too bad. Held onto the pipe in a couple instances. One I did have trouble with I didn't photo. I had to slide on my butt down some slick rock and break my fall by slamming my feet into a pinon tree. It bent but didn't break saving me a third hospital visit inside a year.

cyn said...

Glad for the tenacious pinon!